Thriving Through Uncertainty

    I know how easy it is to want the external conditions to change, so we can feel better.

    And I know how much uncertainty is prevalent on the planet right now + we all feel it.

    Uncertainty in the world (or in our acting careers) can make us feel unstable or unsure of the path ahead and even confused about what direction to take on any given day.

    And all of this unsteadiness may bring up fears within us. I get it.

    But what if we looked at our fears differently right now?

    In this video, I’m sharing my best tips for thriving through uncertainty.

    What if fear was simply an alert that you’re just out of alignment with your highest self and you’re allowing your mind to run looping thoughts?

    What if fear is arising because you are starting to believe those looping stories as true?

    What if it’s possible to be thriving through uncertainty?

    Best-selling author Abraham-Hicks states, ”Every time you feel fear, it means you are looking at something right now in a way that your inner being is not.”

    While the mind loves to judge and label and worry and ruminate, your inner being (or highest self) can look at the same exact conditions with pure acceptance + pure love.

    This point of view is accessible to you in every moment throughout your day, but it requires practice, mindfulness + diligence.

    I realize that most of us are well-practiced in looking at the conditions and needing them to change for us to feel better.

    But what if you instead practiced unconditional love today?

    What if you could look at it all through the eyes of love, and whatever arises, you sent love to that?

    What if you reminded yourself that, “Within every challenge, arises a bigger solution?”

    Or as Napoleon Hill stated, Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

    So, the real question to thrive through uncertainty, is how can I send love to the adversity, the failure, or the heartache of whatever is going on at this time + then, align with the solutions I want to see?

    And remember, the solutions you are seeking are not in your angst or worry, they are in your alignment.

    Leave a comment below + let me know what challenge has been arising for you + if you’re going to send love to that?

    Here’s to a week of practicing unconditional love (towards yourself + others) + watching solutions appear.

    Love + Gratitude,


    P.S. If you need help aligning with solutions, you’ll love my brand new guided meditation Thriving Through Uncertainty.”  It’s my gift to you (along with instant access to support + empowering monthly mindset tools to help you elevate your life + career no matter what is going on in the world). Details here.


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