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How To Give Yourself Permission To Pause

With modern technology at your fingertips all day long + requests coming at you from all angles, giving yourself permission to pause, to take a break, as well as not check social media (or email) one more time can be challenging.

Our brains inherently want to remain active, in charge, and not relinquish control.

But when we choose to pause, we not only give our brains a rest, but we are also tuning into the higher mind.

Pausing can feel like we’re not accomplishing anything,

But actually, in our pause, our reset, we return to aligning with our highest self.

It is there that we gain clarity + inspiration + end up taking much less action to accomplish our desired outcome.

If you’re unsure about how to give yourself permission to pause, I’ve created an easy to remember acronym for the word P.A.U.S.E. to help you do just that.


So the next time you find yourself comparing + despairing on social media or feeling overwhelmed by all you have to do,

give yourself permission to pause + come back to this mindfulness practice.

It’s as simple as this…

Be present in this moment.
Express appreciation (for yourself + others)
Tune into unconditional love. (no matter what’s showing up)
Find stillness + silence (which social media doesn’t offer)
Invite in ease + flow. (which comes from quieting your mind).

Best selling author, Bryant McGill states, “Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges.”

It is an actual act of courage to pause + simply be in this present moment.

In pausing you invite in possibilities that are not known by the logical brain.

Pausing allows you to trust that whatever comes up is here to serve you in a positive way.

Pausing will help you react differently + more mindfully.

In your commitment to surrender, let go, and step into the unknown, you will discover that this is where the magic happens, this is where inspiration is born + this is most likely exactly what your mind, body + soul needs right now.

And, if you’re a doer who loves being busy (I get it!), research shows that pausing is actually one of the most creative + productive states of mind.

Here’s to enjoying the relaxation, the freedom + the gifts that come when you give yourself permission to pause.

If you need help making this a daily practice, you’ll love my latest guided meditation, Permission To Pause, where I walk you through this process.

In fact, it’s one of 6 gifts I’ll send your way, just for checking out my VIP mentorship membership – The Spotlight Club. See all the awesome details here. 

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I love sharing these tools with actors, because we all know that when we shift our focus, it shifts how we feel, which shifts what we do + that’s how things shift quickly.

But it all begins within. Learn more here.

No matter how you chose to get there this week, see what happens when you spend less time on social media + more time giving yourself permission to pause.

You just might find that you end up doing less + accomplishing more (and feeling a major shift!).

Leave a comment below + let me know that you are going to give yourself permission to pause this week and which area you need to practice – present moment appreciation, unconditional love, stillness, ease or all the above?

Here’s to a wonderful week ahead.

Love + Gratitude,


P.S. Enjoy this month’s Spotlight Audio Permission To Pause here.


This guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

⭐️Release stress + overthinking
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