5 Morning Success Habits (You Can Do In Under An Hour)

    I’ve been committing to a set of daily morning success habits lately that have really helped me to feel good, stay inspired and get more done in less time.

    We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but since your morning habits effect your whole day, see if you can implement a new one this week.

    Try it for 21 days + see how you feel.

    These are my top 5, and are all designed to help you begin your day in a proactive, positive + productive way.

    1. Make Your Bed. (5 minutes)

    Making your bed sets the tone for your entire day. When you take a few minutes + make your bed, you are beginning the day already accomplishing something and you are also taking a mindful moment to train your brain that the little things matter + your living space is important.

    Sure, it’s easy to say, “It’s just going to get unmade later,” but that’s kind of like saying , “Why wash the dishes, if they’re just going to get dirty again?”

    I’ve taught me children (my youngest one still has his moments of “it’s just going to get unmade later). to take pride in their rooms and that making their bed is part of taking care of their things, starting the day off right + feeling good about what they did themselves.

    When we start the day with our bed made, we can use this mindset towards completing other tasks where the same dilemma arises, and we tell ourselves, this would be “easy to do or easy to blow off.”

    As Nike says, just do it.

    2. Drink Something Healthy (10 minutes)

    We’ve had a juicer for years that has been gathering dust, but once I started reading all about @CeleryJuiceBenefits from the Medical Medium, and saw all the ways people healed all kinds of things on his Instagram Stories, I was in.

    So I dusted off the juicer + now I make 16oz of celery juice a daily habit. (it’s been 45 days so far!).

    Whether you do celery juice or some lemon with water, make your morning beverage (before your coffee) something that will flush toxins from your system + hydrate you.

    You’ll be amazed at how easily this will become a habit that effects the rest of your day (and the well-being of your body + mind).

    3. Write In A Journal (10 minutes)

    Instead of checking social media, email + looking at the twitter news feed, check in with yourself first.

    This has become a habit that has helped me so much lately.

    Instead of checking “out” by diving deep into my phone, I like to begin each by checking “inward” first.

    I sit in my backyard, and make a rapid fire list of all the things I am  grateful for. + what I love in my life right now.

    This helps tune my attention to even the smallest thing to appreciate, like the gorgeous succulents that surround me, or the sound of the birds chirping, or simply the joy of living in California.

    And this helps me to appreciate things I may take for granted in any given moment, like my health or my home or all I’ve created so far in my life.

    I then write for a few minutes from my “Highest (or Future) Self’s” point of view.

    And I simply say, “I am so happy + grateful now that…” and I write a list of all kinds of things I’d like to have happen in the coming week, month or year, from a place that it is already done.

    It’s fun to imagine what it will feel like once it happens, which always aligns me with why I’m doing something + keeps me moving forward.

    I now know that when I want something, a part of me has already lined up with that desire, so writing from this place helps me tune into what it would feel like to already have experienced what it is I want.

    These are simple yet effective ways to train your brain to focus on what is already working in your life and gain clues about where you want to go.

    4. Listen To A Guided Meditation (15 minutes)

    I listen to a guided meditation that helps me to visualize what I want to create, tune into radical acceptance, or take myself on a journey towards letting go.

    Every day is different, and now that I’ve created an audio library of over 50 guided meditations (specifically designed with the actor in mind), I love choosing whichever one feels right on any given day.

    It’s also a magical feeling when other actors who listen to my audios tell me:

    Listening to you Wendy is like an injection of love. It’s like an injection of goodness.
    When I am feeling really down or shaken, all I need to do is reach for the audio and I know that once I press play I am reminded of the beautiful spirit that I am.
    – Valerie Duthill

    I realize that this kind of ‘good feeling’ may be hard for some people to access through just meditation alone. Our thoughts are powerful, and shifting our focus sometimes takes an outside source, so I am happy to be a trusted guide for so many actors.

    You can check them all out here. (Pink is for Self-Love + Inner Peace, Green is for Abundance + Gratitude, Blue is for Detachment + Letting Go)

    Not many people may know this, but my guided meditations were born out of the fact that I felt like I was a “crappy meditator.” Just sitting in silence, trying to let go of my thoughts was really challenging for me.

    Instead, I wanted to actually align with my highest self and be guided on a high-vibration journey back to love, quickly + easily. So that’s where it all began + years later, is exactly what is infused into every audio I record.

    Often I write my audios with my eyes closed at my computer, tapping into an energy greater than me + by the end, I’m often in tears over what has flowed through me.

    So, then when I share it with others, it’s not surprising that they often say, “this is exactly what I needed to hear.” Because odds are, it’s the same for me too!

    And as I continue to evolve + expand in my life + career, I love creating a new guided meditation every single month.

    In fact, I include my latest audio as a gift (among other mindset tools for actors) in my Spotlight Club + Community. I love creating new tools (that I use myself) while mentoring actors inside this sacred space.

    “The Spotlight Club has become my anchor that brings me back to what is truly important each month.
    I’m not quite sure how Wendy does it, but every single month the lesson in her audio is exactly what I need to hear.
    The ability to have such an incredible mindset playlist with me at all times is invaluable.
    I can honestly say that my days are markedly better when I begin them with my Spotlight Club tools”

    However you get there, take 15 minutes before you begin your day to tune inward + quiet your mind.

    One of my favorites to help actors feel good + be more productive in the morning, is my latest audio, Daily Disciplines (For Feeling Good + Gettin’ It Done).

    Enjoy it as one of many Welcome gifts from me when you come join us in The Spotlight Club.

    5. Move Your Body (20 minutes)

    I love a good workout, which I realize may take you longer than 20 minutes, but even walking my dog, out in nature, before everyone gets up, is one of my favorite parts of my morning routine.

    Getting out in nature while moving your body is so beneficial on so many levels.

    Your attention to your surroundings is an act of mindfulness, and getting your body moving is an act of self-love.

    Another thing that helps me commit to my workout, is eliminating the word “try” from my vocabulary. I set my clothes out the night before + say out loud, “I commit to working out tomorrow,” I plan my bed-time, I set my alarm, and I train my brain to look forward to achieving the goal I set for myself.

    I hope these 5 daily morning habits inspire you to realize the power you have to create your day.

    What Is Your Go-To Morning Routine?

    Let me know in the comments below, which habit do you love doing + which one are you adding to your routine?

    Love and Gratitude,



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