Having Fun Along The Way

    Watching the Oscars has always been an inspiration to me since I was a little girl.And yet, if you had to name who won in the top 6 categories this year, could you?  How about the best actress & actor winners of the past 5 years?

    My point is that even though winning an Oscar may be the highlight of one’s career, it’s still just one moment in time.  And since becoming an “overnight success” usually takes years of hard work, the bigger question is, How Much Fun Are You Having Along The Way?

    Are you waiting for bigger and better things to happen in your career and THEN you’ll be happy?

    “When you don’t need the stuff as the evidence of your accomplishment,
    but make the improved emotion your evidence, you’re stuff will get here a whole lot faster


    Make this the year to have fun along the way, and you’ll be amazed at what flows to you!  When you are finding joy in other areas of your life, it will also begin to show up in your career.

    5 Tips To Having More Fun Along The Way

    1) Surround Yourself With People Who Uplift You

    Notice how you feel when you are with a friend who uplifts you and one who is constantly complaining or is always negative.  Don’t allow energy suckers to devour your precious time.  It’s great to be there for a friend in need, but be sure you feel good when you’re around this person too. Otherwise, listen to your intuition telling you it’s time to move on!

    2) Train With Positive Teachers

    I’m not a big fan of the “I’m going to tear you down to put you back together” sort of teaching.  This guru-based method does nothing for the actor other than make you a “teacher-pleaser!”  Your job is not to be the class favorite, it’s to be a working actor.  It’s great to learn from inspiring teachers, just make sure you know when it’s time to move on.

    3) Create A Well-Rounded Life
    What else do you do besides pursue your acting career? Make sure you are making time for you–as a person!  What did you love to do when you were 8?  Make a list “My Top 5 Favorite Things To Do” and then pick one and do it!

    All of it will actually help you become a better actor. Besides, when you are involved with something else you LOVE to do, you’re not spending time worrying about your career.  Doing what you love allows the Universe to bring things to you, because you’re not busy resisting or thinking resistant thoughts.

    4) Create A Victory Board

    I’m all for Vision Boards–which help you visualize where you want to go.  But a VICTORY board is a reminder of how far you’ve come.  Create a space where you acknowledge all the work you have done so far–symbols of your success that you can see every day.  It can serve as an instant reminder of what you’ve accomplished and boost your mood in seconds!

    5) Say YES To What You Really Want
    What kind of time would you have for things that made you feel good if you said NO to things that you didn’t really want to do.  Check in with yourself before you put more “shoulds” on your list.  Ask yourself, “How will doing this make me feel?”  Often you know you’ve made the right decision when you feel relieved by the decision you make.
    Here’s to having more fun than ever before!
    ~Wendy Braun

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