How To Let Go Of The Guilt Of Not “Being More Productive” (During A Global Pandemic)

    Have you been bombarded with “how to be more productive” suggestions lately, while feeling guilty that you’re still in your pajamas at noon?
    Have you been noticing all of the free opportunities lately, while simultaneously feeling overwhelmed on where to begin?

    You’re not alone, and today I want to address it all from a different perspective.

    Not the one that shames you into being busy doing more, but the one that invites you to step back + reframe it all from a place of freedom, choice, and love.

    I know a lot of actors who are feeling very frustrated by all they feel they should be doing right now.

    Does this look like your list of “should do’s” from the last few weeks?

    I should submit to every online open casting call.
    I should attend every free Zoom call for actors.
    I should create more content for social media.
    I should comment more on social media.
    I should practice a new monologue.
    I should hone my self-tape skills.
    I should work on 5 new accents.
    I should update my marketing.
    I should be more productive.
    I should start a podcast.
    I should workout daily.
    I should take a nap.

    Who wouldn’t feel overwhelmed?

    When you are telling yourself what you “should-do,” and it feels heavy, that’s a great indication that the action is coming from a place of fear and lack.

    Ultimately, you are telling yourself that if you don’t do the things on your “should-do” list, you’re not making the most of your “quarantine time.”

    This is a lie the ego wants you to believe.

    When your action comes from an energy of fear, lack and self-doubt it will never result in success (during a global pandemic or anytime!)

    Instead, this week, I invite you to replace any should with could, and see what happens?

    When you reframe it in this way, then every idea becomes an invitation that you can choose to decline or accept, based on what feels good to you in the moment.

    When you think of each “could-do” as an invitation, you regain control, because you get to choose what truly lights you up from a place of love, not fear.

    This approach will not only feel lighter, but it will lead you to tuning into your heart, discovering what you really need and what really matters most to you,

    So, now go down the list + see what inspires you.

    I could submit to every online open casting call.
    I could attend every free Zoom call for actors.
    I could create more content for social media.
    I could comment more on social media.
    I could practice a new monologue.
    I could hone my self-tape skills.
    I could work on 5 new accents.
    I could update my marketing.
    I could be more productive.
    I could start a podcast.
    I could workout daily.
    I could take a nap.

    Don’t you feel lighter, freer and full of choices?

    And guess what? If napping sounds amazing right now, then that, my friend, is exactly what you need.

    In fact, you’ll probably wake up feeling better just for having given yourself a break.

    It’s in that moment, that a new idea may pop in your head about what you “could do” next, and you’ll know it’s coming from the right place.

    I hope this helps you let go of the guilt, shame and “shoulding on yourself” during this time.

    And instead tune into honoring, accepting and loving what it is you truly need.

    Some people never get still enough to find out, so allow this to be your opportunity and watch inspiration flow your way.

    Let me know in the comments below what “should do” you’re letting go of this week?

    In doing so, you’re making space for what inspires you in the moment.

    Also, If you need help easing anxiety + improving well-being, enjoy my free guided meditation here.

    Here’s to a week of tuning inward + feeling free.


    P.S. And if you’ve been glued to your phone lately, it might be time for a digital detox. Enjoy my latest guided meditation (as one of many gifts) inside my monthly mindset + mentoring club for actors. Join like-minded actors + gain monthly tools to keep your momentum going in a positive way. Details here.


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