My Milestone Birthday (Gifts For You…..)

    I celebrated a milestone birthday yesterday. (Yes, turning 30 is amazing! I mean 40. I mean 50!) What?

    I feel 28 on the inside (and I rollerblade like I was 18), but as my late mother used to wisely tell me, at whatever age I was turning…”one day, you’ll wish you were this age.” So true.

    So, today, I’m enjoying celebrating 5 decades on the planet + all I have learned, how I have grown, and who I have become along the way.

    I’m also celebrating all of the love in my life, from my amazing readers like you, to my courageous students, to my closest friends and cherished family.

    My husband put together a virtual party on Zoom for me this weekend + I was overcome with emotion seeing my beautiful friends, hearing their stories, well-wishes and toasts and simply feeling all of the love + connection.

    It made me realize what really matters at the end of the day. It’s not the credits, the bookings or the awards.

    It’s the love that flows from your heart to another person + back to you and how you make a difference in each other’s lives.

    I want to send that love your way today.

    I want you to know how loved + adored you really are, even if you’re feeling alone right now.

    I want you to know that you make difference to me, and how much I appreciate you.

    Here are a few gifts to help you de-stress, feel your feelings + thrive amidst all of the uncertainty.

    Free Guided Meditation: Easing Anxiety + Improving Well-Being. 
    De-stress in under 15 minutes (and take the guesswork out of meditation).

    Free Printable: Answering The Call 
    A daily reminder that it’s okay to feel all of your feelings.

    Free Guided Meditation: Success In The Audition Room 
    Turn fear + self-doubt into confidence + ease in under 5 minutes before an audition or self-tape.

    And here are some recent blog posts that I hope will help to calm your mind…
    5 Ways To Ease Anxiety + Improve Well-Being (During A Global Pandemic)

    Dealing With Tough Emotions (And Answering The Call)

    I feel so connected to you and hope these gifts + posts will serve to soothe your soul, nourish your spirit, and quiet your mind.

    What if that’s what you’ve been wishing for?
    What if that is the gift of this time?
    Not to become more productive, but to become more present + connected to what (and who) you really love?

    Thank you for being a gift to me. I appreciate you more than you know.

    Sending love + light from my home to yours,

    – Wendy

    P.S. If you’re feeling isolated + want to connect with like-minded actors who serve to uplift + empower each other (and get monthly mindset, meditation + motivational tools from me), check out my Spotlight Club + Community here. In fact, this week, you’ll get two new guided meditations just for joining us (and a whole lotta love).

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