Dealing With Tough Emotions (And Answering The Call)

    If you’re feeling all kinds of emotions come up during these uncertain times, know that you are not alone.

    I’ve been inspired by many messages lately, and wanted to share this insight with you from French philosopher, Pascal.  He stated this back in the 1600’s (centuries before the internet, of course)…

    “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

    Quetyly Alone In A Room

    Why?  Because we are required to face ourselves and in our modern age, the busyness of life has been set up as a great and powerful distractor.

    And now that most all of the distractions that kept you busy doing more have been removed, you are finally forced to look at who you are being (and how you are feeling).

    I know how scary that can be for some people, and so I wanted to share a simple tool to make that easier.
    Even when you’re feeling fearful.
    Even when you’re feeling sad.
    Even when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

    I know that if we use this time to “answer the call” of tuning inward and honoring every emotion that comes up, we can emerge from this global pandemic as a more evolved, aware and loving species on planet earth.

    As I thought about that, this poured out of me + I wanted to share it with you…..

    Answer The Call

    Guess who has arrived in your home?
    You didn’t give them a key, but they are here.

    Some days it might be…


    Other days it might be…

    New Ideas

    Sit with each of them. Be with them.
    Answer the call with them all.

    Treat each one of these visitors with…

    Love and then more

    Honor each one as you would a special guest in your home.

    They are all inviting you to more clarity, more growth, and more expansion.
    They are all helping you to move through the vulnerability and elation of being human.
    They are all guiding you through the contrast and the delight of living life on planet earth.

    Don’t push any of them away.
    Invite them in and know that, even in your darkest moments, each one of these visitors is leading you to the light…

    So you can emerge from this time with more compassion, acceptance and love for yourself and others.

    Answer the call and you will evolve into who you were meant to become.

    If you’d like to print this out as a reminder in your home, that however you are feeling is okay, you can download it here.

    I know that if we can flow more compassion, acceptance, love, and then more love to ourselves in times of vulnerability and uncertainty, that we can then show up in the world and more consciously flow that loving energy to one another.

    That is my hope. That we are experiencing a global shift in consciousness, in awareness, and in the understanding that at our core, we are all seeking the same thing.

    Leave a comment below, and let me know how you are feeling today and if you intend to answer the call through it all.

    If you want more guidance in easing anxiety + improving well-being, download your free guided meditation here.

    Here’s to finding the light in the midst of darkness.

    Sending love + peace from my home to yours.

    – Wendy

    P.S. If you’re feeling isolated + want to connect with like-minded actors who serve to uplift + empower each other (and get monthly mindset, meditation + motivational tools from me), check out my Spotlight Club + Community here. In fact, this week, you’ll get two new guided meditations just for joining us (and a whole lotta love).

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