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How To Profoundly Change Your Day

Here is a simple message that I hope will profoundly change your day, your week + maybe even your year.

Instead of judging + criticizing yourself when you’re feeling bad, (or distracting yourself from feeling anything) what if instead, you declared…..

No matter how I am feeling today, I am choosing to love whatever arises.

This way, any emotions you might have previously labeled as negative, you might now be able to see as just another opportunity for you to acknowledge, expand and love yourself even more.

How do you do that?
It could be as simple as reminding yourself this:

When I am feeling good, I tell myself, I love you.
When I am feeling bad, I tell myself, I love you.

This is the simple daily practice of unconditional love.

This way, you’re not waiting for things to shift to love yourself.  You’re loving yourself no matter what arises.

Make “loving whatever arises” your default mode + notice what starts showing up in your life + career this week.

Here’s to the ease + flow of loving it all.

Leave a comment below, let me know how you’re feeling today + that you plan to send love to that.

Love + Gratitude,

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  • Felix Brunger #1

    Wendy, you have an iridescent light that shines all the way over from LA to London! And boy do we need it here! Love all your daily mantras, thank you x


    • Wendy #2

      I have literally written your words down in a journal to read daily. Thank you for shining YOUR light on me.


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