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The Real Secret To Booking More Work

Wanna know the real secret to booking more acting work?

After booking 3 jobs (2 with A-List comedy super-stars) in one day last month, I can tell you the real secret to booking more work…

Plan a vacation.  (Or any scheduled time off to just relax)

Let me explain why this works.

Years ago, I used to have a huge case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

I would never leave town and would barely plan a day trip to the beach, in case I had to be ready for a


Sound familiar? Can’t you feel the sense of panic in that statement?  And planning trips in advance? That was out of the question.  My thought was always, “But what if I book a job?

Here’s what I now know to be very true…


Believe me, 20 years actually goes by pretty darn fast!

Eventually I started taking this advice and would allow myself to

go on extended rollerblading sessions along the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in the middle of the week, plan getaways + thanks to meeting my now husband, I began to

RELAX more.
PLAY more.

It was as if the new equation for success was Relax More + Play More = Book More. That’s exactly what began to happen.

And now that I’m a mom of 2 young boys who are so excited that “schools out for summer,” planning a trip in advance has become not only a necessity during their “off time,” but it is now priority for me.

We picked a week in mid-June and booked a trip to see some friends, rent a house right on the lake together and planned to spend time wakeboarding, waterskiing, inner-tubing and just plain relaxing.

And, I just kept thinking to myself while booking the trip…
I want my family to have this fun experience.
My career will be here when I get back.
Everything always works out for me.
The perfect time is now.

And guess what happened? I booked 3 jobs in one day (and one was an offer – with no audition!)

And guess what else? The first job, The Clapper, (a comedy feature film I just shot with Ed Helms + Tracy Morgan) worked before my trip and the other one, Documentary Now (with Bill Hader + Fred Armisen) worked right after I got back. And the third job, was an Old Navy voice-over gig. which fortunately did not conflict with either of the other two or my vacation! What?

I almost couldn’t believe it!
It was as if the scheduling gods opened up their calendar and made sure all of my priorities were taken care of – booking awesome work with comedy geniuses (I started saying a few months ago – I really just want to do comedy!) AND the importance of balancing quality time with my family.

Ultimately, it’s not about spending lots of money or planning fancy vacations, it’s really about…

taking time off to do things that bring you lots of joy.

What happens when you book a trip (or even take a day off and watch back-to-back movies – or whatever makes you happy), is you’re send a signal to the Universe that sounds like this:

I am relaxing about it all.
i trust in the Universe’s divine timing.
Life has a wonderful way of working out for me.
Today, I’m focusing on taking time to do what brings me joy.
I am here to live a creative land fulfilling life.

Using this thought process will set your creative spirit free in a way that FOMO keeps you stuck and feeling anxious.

And we all know which energy helps you light up in the audition room + book more jobs.

So, if you are debating on planning a trip or doing something just for yourself this week, I’d say, go ahead and do it!

Do it for the joy it brings you, not to try and book a job. Just go play, go relax, go enjoy your life and watch how quickly you invite in more synchronicities, more opportunities, and more work.

I’d love to hear what you are planning this week.

Leave a comment below + let me know.

Love + Gratitude,


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  • Beth Barry #1

    The timing for this is absolutely perfect. I feel like God is speaking through you this morning. Last week, I started the week off moving to a temporary place for a month and at the same time I had people e-mailing me inviting me to contact people through e-mail to submit my demo reels…one person very high up the chain at ABC. I was so elated. I’ve been working on my mindset and being positive and letting things go and then I got other people helping me. But then I started to feel anxious about my living space and the person next door and started tensing up and feeling chocked off. And the communication regarding my demo reels and audition suddenly stopped. When I saw your post, I realized I have to get back to the open and positive, so the good will come. Breathe out the negative people issues and breathe in the good and gratitude. I’m so excited to see where this new way of living and thinking is going to take me. I know this is what I need more than any books, classes or anything else right now. Just believing in the good and myself as such and letting the good come to me. Thanks so much!


    • Wendy #2


      Thank YOU for taking the time to share with us your comments.

      You really have no idea how uplifting it is to hear your feedback, and for everyone – your story.

      I love how this message came to you at the perfect time, helping to guide you back to your own greatness + good feeling thoughts. That’s really what it is all ever about. When we steer away from our light and the truth of who we are, our emotions tell us so.
      Good for you for getting quiet enough to listen.

      I’m excited to see what unfolds for you. Keep us posted!

      Love + Gratitude,


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