Self-Tapes + Bookings In The New Normal

Booking off a self-tape.  Do you believe that can happen?

Or do you have thoughts like, “I’m better in the room” or “They’ll never watch this anyway.”

That’s exactly what one of my students, Dominic Ryan, a London based actor, used to think too.  He told me this recently, “I was never a fan of self-tapes, as I felt my true personality never came across like it did in the room.”

So what shifted for Dominic? I share it in a quick video here, as well as the exact tool he used (and how you can get it for free) to get in the zone, confidently prepare a self-tape audition in London + book a feature film…that shoots in Russia!

In fact, I’ll send you this “secret self-tape audition weapon” for free when you register for my upcoming brand-new FREE LIVE masterclass happening this week!

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Then watch the video here + hear what Dominic did to rock his self-tape + book the job.

I know that actor’s stress-levels are high right now (for so many reasons), and that’s why I put together this free masterclass.

In under 90 minutes, I’ll help you overcome blocks that have been keeping you overthinking, second-guessing + doubting your work, as you navigate the road ahead. 

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What I love as much as booking my own work, is helping other actors to shine their light brightly + soar to new levels in their careers.  

So, if you want self-tape success + more bookings, plan to join me for a mind-blowing free masterclass.

You’ll  learn proven methods that have helped me make my living solely from acting for over 2 decades, that you can apply immediately in your self-tapes, virtual callbacks and even on the job. 

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See you later this week!

Love + Gratitude,


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2 thoughts on “Self-Tapes + Bookings In The New Normal”

  1. Frédérique Roussel

    Thank you so much Wendy! You are such a dedicated and inspiring mentor. I’m still benefit from everything I have learned with you doing the SBW. With love and gratitude!

    1. Thank you so much! I love that you are still benefitting from the Success Breakthrough Workshop I’m so many ways!

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