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How Successful People Start Their Day

After researching the morning rituals of some of the most successful creative people in the world, I discovered that there was a common thread.

Although each person’s process was a bit different, it’s was interesting to learn that people like Oprah and Tony Robbins, didn’t begin their day reacting to the requests of others.

(And we can only imagine how long that request list might be on a daily basis.)

Instead, they tuned inward, first.  They filled their own cup before filling anyone else’s.  
Oprah Winfrey begins each day offering herself up to something greater than herself.

Tony Robbins makes changing his emotional state a priority.  He gives thanks, sends loving blessings + visualizes what he wants, as if it is done.

Many other visionaries allow a divine connection to lead + guide them.

It’s amazing how productive and aligned one can feel when beginning the day feeling a deep connection (not to their smart phone, but to their inner guidance.)

Begin a new morning ritual this week (if you don’t have one you love already) and give yourself the gift of a daily practice that empowers you, that uplifts you and that inspires you to take bold action.

See what happens when you begin each day expressing gratitude, appreciation + joy.

This is your one precious life + each day you have a new chance to begin again. 
So reach for a new thought.
Choose to use a kind word.
Treat yourself + others with compassion.
Do this for a full week + notice what begins to shift.

I’d love to learn what works for you. Leave a comment below + let me know.

Here’s to a wonderful week ahead!
Love + Gratitude,
– Wendy

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  • Holly Adams #1

    my bedroom window which is open about 1/8 of the way
    looks out to ivy growing so abundantly on the wall outside, it
    is my little glimpse of green, I ponder on how abundantly it
    grows and how I couldn’t possible count every leaf. I then spread my arms and legs in opposite directions and imagine
    that I am floating in an ocean. I say to myself that “I am floating on a sea of prosperity and abundance” and imagine how vast the ocean is, how I can reach and reach and never touch the shores. once I feel the vastness of the great universe, I am ready to face the day!! this universe has great things in store for me and always has my back!


    • Wendy #2

      What a WONDERFUL ritual Holly! Thank you so much for sharing. Nature is giving us all the clues we need. So glad you are paying such close attention. Big hug.
      – Wendy


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