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Why Waiting To Book A Job To Feel Worthy Never Works

Whether you are waiting to book a job or wishing you had a Valentine to make you feel happy, loved + worthy, I’m going  to share a little secret with you.

The love you are searching for is already here.  It is the mind that has been blocking you from receiving it.

Your ego will constantly search for external factors to bring you what you think you need.  And the thinking mind will always convince you that what you want is outside of you.

Sure, it’s nice to have a Valentine bring you flowers + it’s fun to walk on to the set and be greeted with open arms, but that feeling of love must come
from within first.  When you are looking for people or circumstances to fill you up, make you feel loved + worthy, you are ultimately telling the Universe that you are unacceptable or unlovable until you have those factors.

The opposite is true.

What if you just began to accept that you are worthy, loved + amazing whether or not you’ve booked a job lately or had a date on Valentine’s day?

The adoration or admiration that you’d like a mate or a job to bring will only come once you have a deep self-acceptance of who you are right now without those things.

“Love is possible only when there is a deep acceptance of oneself, the other, the world.
Acceptance creates the milieu in which love grows, the soil in which love blooms.”

When you don’t feel this deep love + approval of your own self, exactly as you are right now, it’s usually because you are paying way more attention to your mind + the incessant chatter of worry, doubt + fear that the mind loves replaying over and over.

When you quiet the mind (guided mediation is an easy + effective way to do this), you shift your attention from the head to the heart – and it is there you can access the love you are seeking.

Instead of seeking approval from this business, simply relax + tap into the only approval that really matters – the approval you give yourself.

Ultimately, you’ll discover that you don’t need to earn love or worthiness through booking a job or having a boyfriend or girlfriend.  You already are love.  You already are worthy.

Below are 15 mindset mantras to help you accept yourself exactly where you are right now.

Make these a daily practice + watch your life begin to mirror your knew way of thinking + being.

When you cultivate deep self-acceptance + stop searching + seeking, that is often when what you want easily finds its way to you.

Love + Gratitude,


Morning Mindset Meditations:

I let go of following my every thought + instead drop into my heart, which knows that I am loved and adored.

There is no debate, there is no list of reasons as to why I am worthy.  No list of qualities, or accomplishments I need to make.   

My worthiness is not based on my latest achievements, the money I have, my resume, how many jobsI book, my training, my looks, weight or my age.
Those are all variables that change, and basing my worthiness on those transient things will effect my self-esteem.  

My worthiness runs way deeper.

My worth + value can’t be measured by dollar signs or callbacks or bookings.  My worth + value are infinite. 

I allow my thoughts to come and go today + know that all is well.

I am not my thoughts.  I am a divine being + pure love in human form.

I become a witness today of whatever is going on in my mind + I no longer identify with the critical voices in my head.

I am loving towards myself and others today.

I look at life through the eyes of love.

I allow whatever comes up for me today to be okay.  I judge none of it, but relax into it.

I am worthy of love + success.  I let go of any thoughts that tell me otherwise.

I am loved and adored.

I practice appreciating, loving and approving of myself exactly as I am right now.

I don’t have to wait to book a job, find a mate or have tons of money to feel worthy.  I am loved + adored exactly as I am right now. 

Take the guesswork out of quieting your mind + tap into deep feelings of self-love, self-worth + self-acceptance with my latest guided meditation, I Am Worthy.
It’s FREE in February.  Details Here.
I Am Worthy
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