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How To Let in Your Big Desires

To let in your big desires, you have to know the real reason they are often taking so long to manifest.


The real reason bigger desires often take longer to manifest, is because you have to let go of your smallness to let in something that big.  – Jafree Oswald

As you let go of your smallness, you can also let go of any feelings of unworthiness.

This week I’d like to simply remind you of how deeply worthy + wonderful you are.

If you have a desire, then it is possible to realize it.

Maybe all that’s left to letting it in is…
realizing you are worthy of having it.  Because you are.

Here’s to owning the feeling “I am worthy of my biggest desires” now + forever.

Love + Gratitude,


Morning Mindset Mantras

I am worthy because I exist. 

I  remind myself daily of my infinite worth + value.

I am worthy of love, money, success, abundance, joy + fulfillment.

I am worthy of my biggest desires.

I am worthy of taking time for myself.  Daily.

I am worthy of intense self-care.

I am worthy of surrounding myself with things I love.

I am worthy of surrounding myself with people I love. 

I am worthy of working on creative projects, even if they scare me.

I am worthy of asking for help.

I am worthy of saying no, even if it disappoints others.  

When I honor my truth + say no, I allow the space for someone else to say yes.

I am worthy of amazing surprises that delight me.

I am worthy.  It is a fact.  No matter what I grew up learning…..I am worthy.

I don’t have to earn my worthiness.  I am worthy because I exist.

I am ready now to shower myself in a blanket of worthiness + show myself love + appreciation each + every day. 

I Am WorthyEnjoy my newest guided meditation/visualization, I Am Worthy,

In under 15 minutes you’ll go on a transformational journey + know in your heart, mind, body + soul that you are infinitely worthy.

You can download it for free in February.  Details Here. 


Feel free to leave a comment below + share what big desire are you now feeling worthy of having?

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