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Why You Must Visualize What You Want

Do you take time daily to visualize what you want, so you can design your life from the inside out?

Or do you spend your days simply reacting to what happens?

Remember, that you are the creator of your life and the source of your happiness.

To manifest anything in the physical world, it is first created, in the mind.

Albert Einstein said: “Your imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

And so to become a master manifestor, is to become a master of your mind, first.

Creating what you want, all begins with the belief that what you want is possible, and quieting the inner critic that may tell you otherwise.

As you take the time to create a clear vision + bask in that energy of how it feels, the Universe begins its co-creative dance.

When you can see it in your mind, you can invite it into your life.

This is the space where you come to realize that, yes, I am a master manifestor.

sidebarIAmAMasterManifestorIf you want to take the guesswork out of visualizing and have a powerful tool to guide you (that you can use over and over again), check out my newest guided mediation for April (for free), called “I Am A Master Manifestor.”

It is designed to help you let go of focusing on any limiting thoughts + tap into the vibrant reality where you are living your next big goal, creating what you want, and living an abundant + fulfilling life.

Grab it here for free (along with monthly gifts I provide inside a 30 day free trial to The Spotlight Club.)

Whatever visualizing tools you use, remember that you become what you imagine. So start dreaming big.

Here’s to a week of knowing that you are a master manifestor.

Leave a comment below + let me know what you’re visualizing.

Love + Gratitude,
– Wendy


  • Mark Winn #1

    Wendy; Albert Einstein also said: ” Imagination is more importanr than knowledge!” I thank u for sharing his insight. And also for offering us folks yr insights initially for free. Mark


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