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The Hardest Part Of Manifesting What You Want

I have found that the hardest part of manifesting is learning to let go of my attachment to the result.

As a recovering type-A doer, my biggest frustration has been after I’ve done all the visualizing, taken all the inspired actions, committed to the daily work, and things aren’t manifesting on the exact timeline I want.

I’ve come to realize that underneath all the frustration, is usually a massive attachment to how I think it all should go. (And how I need these desired results, now!) Can you relate?

So often, when I really surrender, the Universe surprises me with something even better than I could have ever planned.

So if you’re thinking about what else you can do to create what you want, it just might be time to let go of when, how and where you think it will show up.

When I find myself over-checking for a result, I always come back to this daily mantra: I trust that the Universe has heard my every wish and knows the time, the place and how it will all unfold.

For so long, I used to think “What else can I do?” And now I realize, the better question is “Who can I be?”

I can either be one who is pushing and needing, or I can be one who is relaxed and allowing.

Here are some mindset mantras to help you to become one who is relaxed + allowing….

I make time each day to visualize what I want, and
feel, with all my 5 senses, myself living this vibrant reality.

Today, I enjoy the unfolding, take actions that inspire me,
look for the evidence of things working out for me,
let go of any attachment + trust in the process of life.

My prosperity, success + abundance will
benefit, uplift + inspire others in wonderful ways.

I trust the Universe has heard my every wish +
knows the time, the place + how it will all unfold.

To really master the art of manifesting, is to master all stages of the process. Simply “relaxing” without visualizing and taking action, will not get you to where you want to go.

But when you clarify what you want, find the courage to step out of your comfort zone, commit to taking inspired actions + follow through week after week, and things aren’t unfolding as you wish, then it’s definitely time to let go of your attachment to the result.

So, what can you do to get in a state where you trust how it all will unfold?

1. Create a daily meditation practice. Here’s one I’ve created specifically for actors.
2. Do something you love that has nothing to do with acting.

Let me know what you’re committed to doing this week. Leave a comment here on the blog…

Here’s to knowing that the Universe has heard your every wish, and that what you want is on its way to you.

Love + Gratitude,


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  • Chelsey Maus #1

    I think I am at that place right now where I have done a bunch of work and I need to just relax for a bit. I have done a bunch of marketing in the past two months (mailings, drop-offs, phone calls, you name it). I set a goal to book a national commercial and after doing all the work towards that goal I still haven’t had a commercial audition since August of last year. I am getting new headshots next week which I think is the spark I need next, however for the next few weeks I need to focus on relaxing and trusting that if I keep doing the work everyday things will start happening in my acting career. Thanks Wendy!


  • Dominic Ryan #2

    This has come through on such an interesting day for me. Last week I applied for a short-term teaching/directing job in Asia, a job I’ve done before in European countries and one I know I’m more than capable of doing. I am currently waiting on an answer and found myself checking my emails constantly.
    Also, today has been a weird day as I’m just having a lull day, I’m feeling a little down and I’m frustrated. However, seeing your lovely message, Wendy, it’s great to have this visualisation of something and the art of letting go is one I am doing my best to achieve, I think today has just been a bit of a meh day, and one I know I will get over. It’s just nice to see I get positive messages daily! :-)


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