1 Question To Ask That Will Shift Everything (Even During Uncertain Times)

1 Question That Will Shift Everything

Every single day, in every single moment, we have a choice: To push against what we don’t want or to advocate for what we do want.

It’s a subtle difference, but the emotional cocktail of chemicals you create within your own body is either one of fear and anger or love and hope.

Here’s what I know to be true, having lived through previous strikes, the pandemic, losing both parents, devastating breakups, having lucrative contracts end, booking an amazing role in game-changing original series that never saw the light of day and experiencing thousands of rejections….

No matter what is going on in your 3-D reality, the Universe is always expanding.  

Yep.  Expansion is happening (even if you can’t perceive it with your eyes, right now).

So in this now moment, you have a choice, to focus on “what is” – which is really past tense, or focus on “what is becoming” which is already here energetically.

So the minute there is something I don’t like or I don’t want, (yes, I allow myself to feel the pain of the loss), but then I’ve made it a daily practice to PIVOT my focus and allow the birthing of what I do want to emerge.

Here’s the thing to remember: clarity comes from chaos.

Think about it.  You can’t know what it is you really do want without experiencing (often up close and personal) what you don’t want. 

But in the midst of chaos (be it a strike, a pandemic, a break-up, a loss, a rejection). the question most people ask is “What am I going to do?” 

But there’s a more important question to ask yourself even BEFORE “What am I going to do?”, that will really change everything for you.

Click the video below to learn more….

 YES!  I want you to begin with the 1 question that matters most….

In the above video, I share the 1 question to ask yourself that will shift everything – yes, even during uncertain times.

Ask yourself: “Who am I going to BE?”

Because in deciding who you are going to be…
amidst delays, devastation, disappointments
and demands of others, is what will
shape the outcome of your life –
every single time.

How do you begin?  Here are 4 ways to empower yourself, even in the midst of uncertainty:

  1. Become diligent with your mindset.
    First ask, “Who am I going to BE, today?” and then ask “What am I going to do?”  This way you are infusing your actions with intention, and becoming the love you want to see in the world.

  2. Become diligent with your time.
    Where are you focusing your precious time?  And is that time spent empowering or dis-empowering you?  Have you become a rapid reactor (responding to everything in the external world) or a conscious creator (tuning inward first to consciously create your day)?

  3. Become diligent with your focus.
    Are you mindlessly scrolling (often to avoid feeling uncomfortable feelings)?  What (and who) are you allowing in your life?  Does it all feel good to you?  Is it filling up your mind, body and soul in a positive way? Maybe its time to reassess where you are putting your focus and how it’s making you feel.

  4. Become diligent with your actions.
    Yes, what you do, matters.  But who you are being while you are doing the thing is what is most important. Because in the midst of uncertainty, when you and I tune into the LOVE that is who we truly are…

    You will find things to appreciate.
    You will find things to adore.
    You will find things to applaud.
    (And I hope you begin with yourself)

In fact, pause right now and tell me in the comments below 1 thing you can appreciate, adore and applaud about yourself during this time.

I’ll go first…You are consuming something empowering.  You are tuning into the energy of love.  You are more resilient than you know.  (Ok, that’s 3 things, but I couldn’t help myself.)

I hope this helps guide you to calm your mind, body and spirit today and tune into the love that is who you really are.  So often external circumstances pull us out of the true knowing of our greatness, our worthiness and our value.

When you tap back into that knowing (no matter what is going on in the outside world)…
you become a ripple effect of LOVE in the world.

When you become a beacon of love,
especially during uncertain times,
you become unshakeable.

Yes, it’s a daily practice. And we all need reminders + support along the way.

If you need the daily reminder that you are indeed a creative warrior and that you will emerge from this time more confident, resilient and certain about your path than ever before, enjoy my free gift to you here (that’s helped thousands of creatives reignite their power even amidst uncertainty, rejection, disappointment and devastation).

It’s yours totally free. Download The Empowering Warrior Manifesto here.

Then I hope you take a step back today before “getting busy doing more,” and ask yourself “Who am I going to be, today?” before you go out and “do” anything. 

And then, go be a beacon of love and light in the world. 

Because what the world needs now more than ever is people who are beacons of love and light.
The ripple effect you have when you are standing in that space, is vast.

Delays are detours.
Roadblocks are redirects.
Set backs are set ups. 
All of it is an opportunity to clarify where you want to go, redefine who you want to be and adjust accordingly.
– Wendy Braun

Now it’s your turn to choose…Go be the love you came here to be and together, let’s raise the collective consciousness of the planet to one of love.

Before you go, drop a comment below and share 1 thing you can appreciate, adore and applaud about yourself during this time (and I will cheer you on too).

Love + Gratitude,


P.S. And yes, we all need daily reminders that we are on the right path.  And when uncertainty arises, anchoring yourself in empowering thoughts, surrounding yourself with empowering people and allowing yourself to receive empowering support will be vital to your success, fulfillment and longevity. 

Begin with your free gift:  Click here to download The Empowering Warrior Manifesto.

Want more support on your journey (including mentoring and monthly gifts from me)? 
Click here to learn more.



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26 thoughts on “1 Question To Ask That Will Shift Everything (Even During Uncertain Times)”

  1. Exactly what I needed this morning. I am glad you send out reminder emails that help us all. You are a true light of this world Wendy. This craft we all decided to choose has been the most challenging for soul and personal growth. I have been through a lot in my career and somehow still survive . I take what I have experienced and embody it in the next role. We all have to shine our light in this transformational time on this planet. We are one. Thank you for all you do. 😉

    1. So glad this resonated with you, Maria! You are so resilient and bring so much to your work. Way to embrace the roller coaster ride, and so happy to be part of your journey!

  2. Wendy, I woke up this morning determined to begin a fresh, focused, unconditionally loving, mindset. Reading your words was the pick me up I needed to jump start my day. Thanks for being the beacon of light and love that you are.

  3. Thank you Wendy your message is so helpful and i also remind myself it not about forcing something to be there if feeling a certain way.
    It is a reminder of who i am at my core, someone who cares deeply for others and wants share that positive light/energy feeling and create space to be all of myself.
    I been listening your audios and things that comes up alot for myself is stillness and allowance.
    I do want create more clairty about what i want going forward though, but from that place, rather than from i must do it this way or this moment right now.
    I can also have a strong appreciation and grattiude for where i am right now and people that are in my life in this moment.
    Thank you Wendy for all you do.

    1. You are so welcome, John! So happy this helped you and that you have found “stillness and allowance” while listening to my audios. Appreciation and gratitude fo wher eyou are right now is EVERYTHING. #KeepGoingSunshine.

  4. Thank you for this Wendy! Recently I have really been working on becoming less of a rapid reactor and more of a conscious creator. When I am diligent with where I am putting my focus and being more mindful with my how I spend my day, I notice I am much happier! And of course, that puts me in a better place to move my creative endeavors forward.

    1. YESSS! That is exactly how it works. When you shift your focus, you shift how you feel. And when you shift how you feel, you’re more inspired to take actions that will fill your soul. Go Laura! Glad this resonates.

  5. Perfect message to hear today; thanking the Universe for guiding me here! Having a few days this week to really focus on my intentional career marketing work that I had to ‘flip switch’ as a result of the strike, I found myself getting distracted from having to tend to other necessities of daily living. Ughh! Had to meditate to regain a creative flow and now you, Ms. Wendy, gave me a great beginning & end point – be who I desire to be, as I am becoming and taking inspired action from there. All that other stuff is just noise. Bless you, and thank you.

    1. YESSS! So glad this found your way to you at the perfect time. So much is pulling our attention these days. Way to be intentional with what you want to create. Go Lynndi!

  6. Lovely to hear this message from you Wendy – I need this in this weird time of uncertainty and also in the doldrums of August . Feeling empowered and having a strong sense of self every day seems so important – how am to be every day is a great way to start the day and I love that idea of being a beacon of love and hope ! Thanks a million.X

    1. So glad this spoke to you. Seems we all need the reminder lately (myself included). I realize this really is a daily practice and to be easy on ourselves when we get off track. Nice to know we can always begin again. So here’s to being a beacon of love and hope today!

  7. Thank you always Wendy for your continued enthusiasm, courage and positive outreach!I I can appreciate my ability to move through the storm with grace and make best use of my time while being who I want to be. I have written my passion piece and have moved forward into pre-production to be ready… while also improving my musician ship playing lots of gigs and teaching myself to play piano. Also got to be in a hit play this past Spring.

    1. I LOVE hearing all of this! “appreciate my ability to move through the storm with grace and make best use of my time while being who I want to be.” That is EVERYTHING! And look at all it has opened up for you. Amazing + thanks for sharing, Rebecca.

  8. Just what I needed today! This strike has gotten me spinning out, focusing on what is wrong. And boy, there’s so much we need to change in our industry. But who am I going to be going through this? I’m so grateful for your compassionate, empowering and timely message. ❤️

    1. Yes. And there is much that needs to change, that is for sure. But having it all dictate how you feel 24 hours a day, is something to look at. So glad this helped you today take a step back and reassess. You have all the power when you decide who your going to BE, no matter the circumstance. Bravo!

      1. I will be the calm in the storm, the bringer of peace, the curious human looking forward to and preparing for the dawn after the drama. I am not afraid of the destruction before creation. There is always light after dark. Always. And now, I will share this question with the short humans in the house. Thank you, Wendy.

        1. Whew! YES! Not always easy, I know, but always an option. Way to embody this yourself and then teach it to “the short humans in the house.” Funny how they are really here to teach us, and often they naturally live this way. Way to be the example + glad this spoke to you.

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