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The 2 Biggest Factors That Keep You From Your Dreams

The two biggest factors that keep you from your dreams might actually surprise you.

They are…needing + wanting.

The definitions of want + need actually imply a lack of something deemed necessary, and are at the opposite energetic spectrum of feeling fulfilled + satisfied.

So, it might be time to take a closer look at what you are “needing + wanting” and ask yourself “Why does this matter so much to me?”

If you want to get somewhere in your career because you need it to define:

  • your value
  • your worth
  • your importance
  • or that you “really matter…”

Then what you want will continue to elude you.  Why?

This kind of thinking actually puts you in a state of lack – needing some outer circumstance to give you the abundance you seek.

The reality is that it actually works the other way around.

Best selling author Abraham-Hicks states it so simply + yet profoundly with these seven words…..

Until It Doesn't Matter
Did you really get that? Until it doesn’t matter, it can’t be.So in order to acquire anything in the physical world, from booking a certain job, to obtaining a certain career status, to having photographers shout your name on the red carpet, you actually have to let go of “needing or wanting” it. 

It doesn’t mean you give up your dreams.You just give up needing a specific result to show up at a specific time, You give up needing + wanting it to prove to yourself that you’re worthy.

What if you started owning your worth, realizing your value, honoring your importance + knowing that right now, in this very moment, you do really matter?

I’ll tell you what will happen…you will start feeling unstoppable.

When you can begin to own your magnificence today + take actions from this newly inspired place, without needing some career goal to make you feel like you’re valuable, things in your career will begin to shift.

The exciting thing is that you’ll be feeling so good about yourself, while not needing one thing to change for you to own your true worth, and that seems to be exactly when everything changes.

“Until it doesn’t matter, it can’t be.” 

So make whatever you’ve been giving so much importance to, just not matter this week. Just for fun.

See how light you feel when you unhinge yourself from needing + wanting.

I have a feeling you’ll start feeling unstoppable.

Leave a comment below + let me know what you’re gonna make not matter this week?

I can’t wait to hear what it is.

Love + Gratitude,

– Wendy


  • Alyssa #1

    I love that I received this today. I told myself last night that I need to stop stressing over “what am I going to do, how am I going to get a foot in the door, why bother trying, etc??” There is so much to stop wanting & needing & just Live Life!!


  • Laura K McLauchlin #2

    Wonderful advice on the needing and wanting. I guess Ill give up the idea that I “needed” this advice 10 years ago, and know Im in the right place today! Thanks Wendy


  • Drue Horne #3

    Good morning Wendy,
    I agree with your post. In this point in my life I keep working on me and let God work on the windows and doors. I talk to him ( pray) that he guides my way and his dreams for me are LARGER than I could ever dream. So although I work constantly and hard on my craft I let HIM do my heavy lifting…

    I want to be giving in my GIFT!!!📺
    Be blessed and forgive the rest…


  • Felix Brunger #4

    MONDAY MAGIC! Thanks Wendy – Love this quote – have an awesome week! x


  • Diane #5

    I love this so much! Just auditioned for my #1 target show yesterday and, boy, is it tough to “not care” when I have been visualizing about being on this show for 5 years. Any additional words of wisdom?


  • Kerry #6

    Omg I soooooo needed this! I’ve been putting guilt upon myself for not living up to those “goals” of being wanted or even needed in productions… not sure if I’m explaining it correctly, but this has at times then made me stagnant.
    where I end up in a state of “inaction”. I want to now pick one thing I’ve been giving so much importance to and let that go and enjoy the freedom of having it not matter! Thank you, Wendy! 😁💜


  • David August #7

    This reminds me of what I believe Del Close called “the f*ck it adjustment.” The moment we are not focusing on the external, extrinsic results, things shift.


  • Paul #8

    Love this Wendy. Still, it is very hard to be able to do that but just like any other skill, the more you do it the easier it will become. Thanks for sharing this.


    • Wendy #9

      So glad you love this idea. And yes, not always easy, but a good muscle to start using. It’s ultimately about finding your happiness and peace outside of acting + allowing acting to be the fun place you get to play vs. needing it all to define your worth. You got this.
      Have a great week!
      – Wendy


  • Anzu #10

    Powerful! Powerful! Powerful! i want to print and frame this so i see it everyday! thank you Wendy for going there! Thank you for all you do!


    • Wendy #11

      Thanks Anzu! So glad this spoke to you. A powerful graphic + message indeed. Here’s to having fun along the way + feeling unstoppable while you do!
      – Wendy


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