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The Fastest Path To A Prosperous Life

Are you busy, working really hard, trying to create prosperity, success + fulfillment in your acting career + your life?  Do you feel a little worn out these days?

What if “doing more” was actually the very thing that was blocking your path to prosperity.

How? Because if you’re taking massive action from a place of lack, you’re actually working against yourself.

If all your action isn’t leading you to where you want to go, it’s time to realign your mind.
Prosperity is an inside game.

Sure, scarcity can be a motivator to get you moving, but eventually you must

shift your focus.

When you constantly lament about the lack in your life, it becomes the very thing that prevents you from moving forward in a new way.

Best-selling author Abraham-Hicks states, “The fastest way to bring more wonderful examples of abundance into your personal experience is to take constant notice of the wonderful things that are already there. The abundance that you allow is always a perfect match to your expectation.”

Here’s a quick guide to realign your mind with prosperiy:

Find a quiet space + simply take 3 deep breaths, as you internalize the following declarations:

I take a deep breath in and notice that there is an abundance of air flowing wherever I go.
I exhale and release any feelings of scarcity or lack mentality.

I take another deep breath in and I give thanks for my health, my body and my life.
I exhale and I release taking anything for granted today.

I take another deep breath in and allow myself to relax + just be aware of this present moment.
I exhale and let go of seeking, or needing or fixing anything today.

Today, I give myself permission to be prosperous in this very moment. The more I notice all the prosperity that is already here, the faster more prosperity comes my way.

Remember, you have a choice today, to focus on lack or on abundance.

As you align your mind with prosperity + take inspired action from this calmer, more centered place, you will find that your outer experience will begin to shift.  That is my wish for you this week.

Let me know in the comments below how that quick exercise made you feel + if you’re ready to give yourself permission to be prosperous right now?

Here’s to a week of aligning with prosperity.

Love + Gratitude,
PermissionToBeProsperousP.S.   Want a sure-fire method for aligning with prosperity?

My latest guided meditation + visualization, “Permission To Be Prosperous” will help you take the guesswork out of visualizing + meditating.

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  • Nan #1

    I call it #attitudeOfgratitude Nice work on Grey’s!


  • Noelle #2

    Your emails make my whole day! I just did this morning’s exercise of noticing my abundance on the subway platform – yes yes yes!!! Thank you for the reminder! Xoxo


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