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How to Interrupt Your Negative Patterns + Find Happiness

Most of us identify ourselves and who we are through our daily thoughts.

Yet, studies show that these daily thoughts are 80% negative and 95% repetitive.

So, ultimately, we are repeating negative thoughts daily, unless we become consciously aware and interrupt the pattern…

…unless we find stillness, let go and quiet the mind.

But the ego doesn’t want you to get still, to trust or to let go.
(Get still, trust + let go anyway.)

The ego wants to control. And it does so by cleverly convincing you that you are what you accumulate, what you achieve, and how you are perceived.

The ego wants you to stay busy at a frenetic pace, rather than finding stillness + trusting that you are enough.

The ego convinces you of these I AM statements:

I am what I have.

I am what I do.

I am what others think of me.

And, ultimately, the ego mind convinces you that you are separate from anything that is missing in your life, and that without it, you are not whole, and that your happiness lies within it (whether it’s a job, a person or an experience).

But, when you understand that you are connected to divine intelligence, which is connected to everything, then in essence, you are already connected to whatever you think is missing.

So, this week, what might happen if you did not strive to be more, to acquire more, or prove yourself more, but rather peel off all the exterior layers and get to the core of who you really are?

What if you created a daily practice of stillness + trust, where you simply let go of trying to control it all?

Well, I have a feeling, that not only would you feel better and change your negative patterns of thought, but you’d also discover a new sense of happiness, right where you are, right now.

It is through this stillness that our hearts are elevated, our minds are quieted and our true happiness emerges.

Try it + see what shifts.

When you can let go of the ego’s controlling agenda, you can tap into to the infinite possibilities, and you’ll become who you are truly meant to be.

That is my wish for you this week. Let go of worrying about what everyone else thinks and relax back into loving yourself more.

I love hearing from you. Leave a comment below + let me know how you quiet your ego’s mind + find true happiness?

Love + Gratitude,

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  • Rayanna Dibs #1

    Love this Wendy :) You’re words always resonate with me, now more than ever and the term ‘you’re enough’ is a biggy with me, my acting coach drills this into my head constantly!
    I am from the UK, but i’m currently living in Singapore. I’m always getting FOMO as i’m not in London and can’t get out to LA anytime soon, so i’m always doubting that i’m sitting still, I don’t have enough connections here, I am not doing enough, in fact – I don’t even know what I am doing in this market! Your words and Monday mind-set always helps but it is SOOOOOO hard to get away from the ego. ‘I’m not doing enough’, ‘I’m not where i’m supposed to be yet’, ‘why have I not found any success yet’, I’m missing out’ etc etc! I am trying to work on being happy with where I am in life as I KNOW this is exactly where I am supposed to be right now, I just need to really know it and believe it! Anyway – love your blog and emails, it gives me a sense of encouragement that I am not alone in this! PS – I’ve said this before but love you in Atypical, I hope there is a second season ASAP! Thank you for your inspiring words and hope. Raya x


  • Pamela Hill #2

    Thanks Wendy! Wonderful post! Just talking about this today! Blessings, Pamela .pamelahill.net


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