How Small Shifts Can Equal Big Results

    Sometimes it’s the smallest shift that can produce the biggest results.

    I see it every day with the hundreds of amazing actors I have the privilege of mentoring in my course + in my private coaching community and I always marvel at how easily + quickly the inner breakthroughs invite in the outer breakthroughs.

    If you’ve been putting in a lot of effort this year + already feeling exhausted, I want to help remind you of who you really are + encourage you to pause today, let go of limitation + breathe in the feelings of abundance.

    You are abundant at your core.
    Everything about you is abundant.

    From the cells in your body to the neural pathways in your brain, to the taste buds on your tongue, you are made up of pure abundance.

    You are worthy of your biggest dreams.
    You are worthy of your biggest dreams + you have the ability to magnetize what you want towards you.

    It all begins with your emotions. since what you feel, you attract + what you imagine, you become.

    Anything you were taught growing up about money or success that isn’t in alignment with pure + total abundance, you can take a moment, to simply breathe, release + let go of it all now.

    Do this quick breathing + expansion exercise with me now…

    Breathe in the energy of abundance.
    Exhale + let go of any feelings of lack,

    Breathe in the feeling of expansion.
    Exhale + let go of any limitation.

    Breathe in the feeling of gratitude.
    Let go of focusing on what’s missing.

    Breath in unlimited possibility.
    Exhale + let go of any childhood programming.

    Breathe in + feel the love in your heart.
    Exhale + let go of listening to the mind.

    It is the critical mind that keeps us from our biggest dreams. Once we can recognize that voice within that tells us we’re not enough, it’s too late, it will never happen, we can pull those deep rooted weeds + plant a new seed of thought.

    So, this week, see if you can recognize a negative thought before it gets rooted within you and becomes a belief. Breath into it, acknowledge it, let it go + return to the abundance of who you really are at your core.

    Here’s to a week of noticing the abundance all around you + within you.

    Leave a comment below + let me know what inner shift you are making this week.

    Love + Gratitude,
    – Wendy



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