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The #1 Thing That Keeps You From What You Want

The thing that keeps you from what you want (is not your agent, the casting director, or other actors in the waiting room at your audition, etc.) but it is actually something that you can control: Your thoughts.

Sometimes we know that we should be talking to ourselves more lovingly, but we just can’t find the words.

Other times we’re so ingrained in old habits of negative self-talk, that we literally don’t know what self-compassion even sounds like or where to begin?

Today I’m offering up 9 mindful mantras for returning to love.

Adopt any (and all) that feel good to you this week as a way of practicing loving self-acceptance by choosing better thoughts.

You may just find that beginning here, with the thoughts you think and the things you tell yourself, make it easier to start seeing your life (and your career) through the lens of love.

Or as the late great Wayne Dyer stated, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

So become aware of what you say to yourself today, and in each present moment, practice returning to love.

9 Mindful Mantras For Returning To Love.

I bask in the beauty of all I have created in my life.

I know that in order to move forward,
I must elevate my energy to one of love.

Today, I will become aware of any weeds that are taking root in my mind,
pull them out and plant them in my heart.

I transform my life by returning to love in the way I talk to myself.

Through my thoughts, actions + interactions today,
I am continually returning to love.

As my inner communication is rooted in love,
my outer experiences begin to shift.

When I change my focus, my experiences change.
When I choose love over fear, everything shifts.

Today, I send love + appreciation to all the flowers I have planted in my life +
all the seeds that are getting ready to sprout + bloom.

The Universe is responding to how I feel.
In each present moment, I am returning to love.

Here’s to making returning to love a daily practice.

Is there a thought you’ve been thinking lately that you know doesn’t serve you? Becoming consciously aware is the first step to transforming it, so get it out of your head and declare it below.

Love + Gratitude,

returningtolovesmallP.S. Want help returning to loving thoughts throughout your day? Enjoy my latest guided meditation “Returning To Love” You can try it for free along with complete access to all The Spotlight Club VIP benefits too – totally free here. Newcomers are often blown away at the big shifts (and bookings) that manifest when they tend to their inner game first. Grab your free month trial and this free audio here now.

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:
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-Shift doubt + worry into love

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