Why You Need To Take A (Guilt-Free) Break

Last week, I had an actress in my private Success Breakthrough community admit that she was struggling with stress and feeling a little burnt out.

She was ready for a break and wanted to take a day to herself, but was feeling really guilty about it. Ever been there?

Do you ever tell yourself these things:

If I’m not working 24/7 on my career, then success won’t come to me.
If I’m not putting in a lot of extra effort, then I don’t deserve success.
If I take a break, it feels like I’m just being lazy.

Do you realize, that these are all just false beliefs that you’ve been telling yourself?

When your mind, body + soul are asking for a break, that is because you not only need it, but it’s probably long overdue.

It’s only the competitive ego-mind that will tell you to not slow down, to not rest and to keep plugging away, to the point of exhaustion.

But, in fact, the opposite is true. Why?

Because the ego operates out of fear.

So anything you are “doing” for fear that if you don’t do it, you won’t get to where you want to go, is ultimately working against you.

The simple act of slowing down and taking a break, is an act of self-love, of letting go, and of trusting in the process.

Taking a break is actually as important as all of your action.

Slowing down, not only helps you recharge your batteries, but also gives you the necessary space to generate new creative ideas and get back in tune with what you really want.

So, whoever taught you that if you don’t work all the time, you don’t deserve success, was sharing just their singular point of view. (And I have a feeling, they were pretty exhausted and burnt out too, yes?)

You can thank them (metaphorically), and now step into a new way of being, where joy, fun, and relaxing about it all are as important (if not more) than all the hard work.

Here are some mindset mantras to help you take a guilt-free break and create a new belief (since a belief is just a thought you keep thinking):

My timing is divine. The more I relax and let go, the more I allow the Universe to assist me on my path.

I step into a new way of being, where joy, fun, and relaxing about it all are as important as all of my hard work.

I look for more ways to have fun along the way. I schedule relaxation into my busy calendar.

In essence, this mindful practice helps you take the weeds that your ego likes to plant in your head, and turn them back into love.

What are you going to do this week to slow down + take a break? Let me know below.

Love + Gratitude,
– Wendy

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