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Why Working Harder Is Not The Answer

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or over-worked, what do you do? Work harder? Do more? Try and figure out how it’s going to all turn out and then talk about how it’s not?

All that busyness just creates more resistance.

So, how do you release resistance when you’re not feeling your best?

Take more naps.

Seriously. When you sleep, you cease all thought.

Which means, all negative thought.
All doubt.
All fear.
All resistance.

So, when you’re feeling over-worked, stressed out and frustrated, instead of doing more from this negative space (which will never lead to positive results), take a nap.

If you need a permission slip (and a cute example), here it is….

Dogs have it right, don’t they? What if we took our cues from them?

We’d have the perfect recipe for a happy life: Live in the present moment. Nap often. Play more.

We live in a culture (and a country, in the US) that rewards busyness.

I used to wear my busyness like a badge of honor.

But, now, I’ve learned how resting and relaxing is not only mandatory for feeling good (and living a joy-filled life), but it’s also a tool for manifesting and creativity.

Releasing resistance is the foundation of aligning with anything that you want.

And napping is one of the best ways to release resistance.

So take more naps this week (guilt-free), live more fully in the present moment (screen-free) and play more often.

You may just find that in the midst of all that rest, relaxation and fun, you get some great ideas and some great auditions.

(Bonus points for turning the phone off and going to bed early.)

Let me know in the comments below how you’re going to make rest a priority this week.

Here’s to a week of napping more often + releasing resistance.

Love + Gratitude,
– Wendy

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