3 Things To Master On Your Way To Success (And Why This Will Ease Anxiety)

I wanted to share this simple but powerful message with you today because, I know things can look a “certain way” on social media, and it might feel like everyone else is living a “super-successful” life all  the time.

I think it’s important to shine a light on the fact that your success actually comes from a different place than you may have been led to believe by simply scrolling Instagram every day.

Watch the video below and learn the 3 things you’ll need to master on your way to success.

I have a feeling it will help you feel better in  the next 90 seconds.

Yes, it’s the 3 things successful people don’t talk enough about – the rejection, failure, and disappointment along the way, and how to not hinge your worth on the illusive lure of validation.

Your success comes from mastering the fine art of dealing with rejection and failure and disappointment over and over and over again without letting it define you derail you or defeat you.

The thing is that on social media, we’re not prone to share all of the moments of rejection, failure and disappointment along the way.

But it is this mental game mastery that will keep you going through your toughest times.

So let’s make it a mantra…

Affirm: My success comes from mastering the fine art of dealing with rejection, failure and disappointment without letting it define me, derail me or defeat me.

Now, this doesn’t mean you won’t have a good cry or some bad days or be frustrated or any of that.

But here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you getting up after being knocked down?
  2. Are you being nice to yourself when you don’t book the job?
  3. Are you finding ways to take in the view of your current life, even with all kinds of setbacks and obstacles and challenges (and find the good)?

That is the daily practice, and I know it’s easier some days than others.

If you need help easing anxiety + improving well-being, download the free guided meditation here.

And then,  go easy on yourself today, and realize, whether you are scrolling social media or just thinking about your own life and career….setbacks, failure and disappointment is part of the journey.

And you my friend, are headed in the right direction.  #KeepGoingSunshine

Leave a comment below and let me know “This is my new mantra” if this resonates with you.
Love + Gratitude,


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8 thoughts on “3 Things To Master On Your Way To Success (And Why This Will Ease Anxiety)”

  1. Thank you for the mantra! You are always on point. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the “monkey mind” noise and the social media hype.
    It’s definitely a daily practice to stay focused on the positive truth.

  2. Rejection is hard. Mastering the art of dealing with disappointment, failure, etc. is what will keep me sane and confident. Totally understand that I need to go easy on myself if I do have a bad day or an ugly cry. Keep on counting those wins!

    1. Yes! It really is a journey of self-compassion for the creative warrior. Here’s to going easy on yourself.

  3. Andrew Lummis

    Thanks for the mantra Wendy! I am at the moment rehearsing a play which makes me feel positive about practicing my craft .

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