Feeling “Not Enough?” A Simple Practice To Feel A Shift In 30 Seconds

Feeling "not enough" by Wendy Braun

If you are feeling like you’re not enough, your career is not enough or just something about your life is…not enough (you don’t even have to know exactly what it is)…I have a special tip for you today. 

This helped me just last week and I wanted to share it.

I had driven my eldest son to high school for the first time (Cue “Chariots of Fire” theme song as he walked away from my car, turned around, said “Love you!” and waved goodbye).

And in that moment, my entire life flashed before me.  

Seems like just yesterday we had moved into our new home, where I would drive by this exact high school…with him in the car seat on our way to preschool.

I came home and could have easily tended to all kinds of things I “should do,” while my kids are now back at school, (but these days, I try not to “should” on myself – as I also try to practice what I teach). 

So instead of “getting busy,” I did something else.  

Something I don’t do often enough.

Something that really helped me honor this day, in a way that I truly needed.

It was so grounding, moving, healing and helpful, that I wanted to share it with you too.
Click the video below to learn what I did, (then read below + gain insights on how you can shift things too).

What I realized is how easy it is to “busy” ourselves, so we don’t have to feel.

So, instead I came out in my backyard (and if you don’t have a backyard, you could do this in your house or your apartment or your space or you could go outside the front of your space and do it).

You can even walk around your “indoor” space and do this, but I did this in my yard.

I just put my feet in the grass.

And I walked around my yard and I just took in the life that we’ve created in the past 14 years with my 14 year old and all the changes we’ve made and all the things we’ve done and seen and who he’s become and who I’ve become.

I took a moment to feel it all and give thanks for it all.

And I literally sat next to our little Buddha statue, even looking at the ants, who clearly were all excited to be out and about traveling (that was a “next level” mindful moment to notice the ants).

And then I just rubbed the abundant, happy Buddha’s head and I just sat there and gave thanks for my life. Exactly as it is right now.

And when I allowed myself to feel whatever it was I was feeling…it actually led to me feeling immense gratitude for it all.

There’s so much you can appreciate in your own life right now.

And often when we keep scrolling on our phones…we keep seeing ways we’re not enough or how we’re not measuring up.

But if you can pause today (and even put the phone down after you see this video) and just walk around your current life (inside or outside) and simply practice giving thanks for it all.

You’re going to feel better, you’re going to be better and it will soften any angst within you.

I hope this helps you today, to know that not only do we all feel “not enough” at times, but I hope this simple practice I discovered helps you pause, feel your feelings and then, take in the view.

So now it’s your turn:

Take a deep breath. 
Ground yourself wherever you are right now. 
Really take in what’s right in front of you.
Notice your surroundings in a way you haven’t before.
Notice the details, the smells, the sights, the sounds.

(And heck, if you’re outside – notice the ants and the whole other world right under your feet).

Give thanks for what’s right in front of you – exactly as it is right now.
Give thanks for your life – exactly as it is right now.
Give thanks for the people in your life – exactly as they are right now.
Give thanks for all you have done – exactly as it is right now.

Give thanks for who you have become – exactly as you are right now.

I shared this with my boys at the dinner table that night, just how grateful I was for who they are and how they’ve grown and all the joy and love and expansion I have experienced being their mother and watching them evolve.

And my youngest son said, “Mommy, it sounds like you did a “Grassitude Walk.”
(Which we now define as “expressing gratitude while walking barefoot in the grass”).

And I replied, “That is the perfect phrase for it.  Mind if I share that with my community?”

So, here’s to taking more “grassitude walks,” noticing the beauty of the life that is right in front of you and being proud of the creative warrior you are.

Because there will always be farther to go and more to do and be and have.
There will always be something “up ahead” you’ll want to get to.

There will be some moment when you compare your life to another’s and somehow feel like you’re “not enough.”

But this is my sweet reminder to you:

It is in pausing in this NOW moment…
Where all of your power lies,
Where all of your truth flows,
Where all of your light reignites,
And where all of your joy is revealed.

And the only reason you may have been feeling “not enough,” is you just forgot to slow down, take a breath, take in the current view and marvel at all you’ve done and who you’ve become.

I hope this helps you do just that.

Let me know in the comments below 1 thing you are immensely grateful for in your life, exactly as it is right now.

Love + Gratitude, (or shall I say “Grassitude”)


P.S.  If you need a daily reminder to help you on this creative warrior path (yes, it’s quite a roller-coaster ride), grab your free printable of Your Empowering Warrior Manifesto here.  And leave your comment below.

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8 thoughts on “Feeling “Not Enough?” A Simple Practice To Feel A Shift In 30 Seconds”

  1. As always beautiful… my favourite thing as a child was walking barefoot on grass… I do this to remind me of joy and to re-ground me. Thank you for the reminder of taking in the view and going on the grassitude walk – this is the BEST name for this – bravo to your son xx

    1. So glad this resonated with you Emily + reminded you of your childhood “favorite thing.” It’s so easy to let life get so busy – glad this helped to remind you of the power of grounding and “grassitude.”

    1. Aw, thanks Alison! So glad this resonated with you. And I love having you in my programs. You know vulnerability (and growth) is what it’s all about!

  2. Raquel Rothermund

    Yes! Thank you Wendy for this beautiful reminder of gratitude in my life and grounding. We do get caught up in the busyness of life and don’t allow ourselves to feel and acknowledge what’s happening within and allow it to flow through us and come out on the otherside it feeling SO much better, thank you again, you are a blessing to all. My daughter just started High School too she is 14.

    1. Patricia Tobideau


      Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement, vision and support… I do walk around my backyard daily ; but I neglect to take in all that I have and have done up til now.
      Love you much!! Patricia Robideau

      1. YES! I’m so glad this resonated with you. Here’s to more “grassitude” walks + celebrating all you HAVE done.

    2. You are so welcome Raquel. So glad this served as a loving reminder for you today. And congrats on your daughter starting High School. Exciting times!

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