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9 Ways To De-Stress Your Holidays….

Happy December!

I know this time of year can get busy + stressful. So I’m keeping it short + sweet today.

If you find yourself cranky, irritable, sad, or overwhelmed by all you have to do (or all you feel you haven’t done yet), here is my Holiday De-Stress List.

You’ll be amazed at what picking one thing on this list will do for your mental + emotional state.

Keep in mind, this isn’t about covering up your feelings with a happy face sticker, or stuffing down your emotions with extra slices of pie.

It’s about taking the time to slow down + actually feel your feelings: acknowledge them, release them + let them be heard.

Once you do that, pick something on this list (or a few things) and make time for yourself.

1. Slow down.
2. Put the phone down.
3. Smile at a stranger.
4. Get out in nature.
5. Lean in + listen.
6. Breathe deeply.
7. Be here now.
8. Appreciate.
9. Repeat.

Not only will you feel much better, but you just might start appreciating who you are + how far you’ve come in a whole new way.

That is my wish for you as the year comes to a close.

In fact, leave a comment on below + let me know your favorite way to de-stress this season. I’d love to add it to my list.

Happy Holidays!

– Wendy


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  • Christina DeRosa #1

    Hi Wendy!
    On my list is schedule a prayer call with a prayer partner
    A gratitude gush Call with a friend (where we say as quickly as we can, stream of conscious -like everything we are grateful for, approx two- three minutes each then pass to our partner.
    A hot bath with two pounds of baking soda (will decrease your chance of getting sick too) and feels soft and silky

    Happy holidays to you and your family


  • Linda #3

    When l get all stressed out, I silently pray. And that helps to calm calm me.


  • Albena #5

    10. Play with a pet or a kid
    11. Laugh as much as possible
    12. Dance


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