How To Create Momentum Amidst Uncertainty

Have you been feeling off your game lately or finding it hard to focus? I get it.

What usually stops us from moving forward on any given day might feel like external circumstances, but ultimately it all begins within.

It’s understandable that in times of uncertainty, you might wake up in the morning and one of the following is going on in your mind.

  1. You’re filled with fear.
  2. You’re failing to focus.
  3. You’re fueled by false beliefs.

Why? The mind is rooted in limitation + fear.

But the heart is rooted in expansion + love.

When we are born, we are all heart + pure love, but as we get older, we start operating from the mind.

Over time, that limited mind voice gets louder and the heart voice becomes a whisper we almost can’t hear.

You want to create momentum in your life or your career, but all too often, your action gets drowned out by mental logic, other’s opinions + historical thinking about how it’s gone for you in the past.

That is what stops you. It’s what stops all of us from moving forward.

I’ll show you how it works….and you can turn up the volume of the heart today.

Click the video below + learn 9 ways your limited mind is keeping you stuck, and what your expanded heart really wants you to know.

When your limited mind says: “I’m scared to take a leap.”
Your expanded heart says: “You are safe + free.”

Your limited mind says: “I don’t know how.”
Your expanded heart says: “You’ll figure out a way.”

Your limited mind says: ”It seems impossible”
Your expanded heart says:  “You are limitless.”

Your limited mind:  “I don’t know where to begin.”
Your expanded heart:  “You can ask for help.”

Your limited mind: “I haven’t done it before”
Your expanded heart:  “Your expansion awaits you.”

Your limited mind: “It feels safer to stay here.”
Your expanded heart: “You are meant for more.”

Your limited mind: “I’m not ready.”
Your expanded heart: “You’ll figure it out as you go.”

Your limited mind: “It all feels too big.”
Your expanded heart: “Your time is now.”

Your limited mind says: “What if I fail?”
Your expanded heart says: “What if you fly?”

The more you become aware of where you are operating from, (whether you are allowing that limited mind which is fear or the expanded heart which is love to lead the way) the easier it is to tell which road you are going down.

And to create that momentum, even amidst uncertainty.

One leads to where you have been, and the other opens the doors for where you want to go.

Even when you don’t know what’s ahead.  That’s life.  To live in the uncertainty from a space of love.

So the next time you’re scared, uncertain, fearful, doubtful or worried you might get it wrong, mess up, fail, look stupid, not have all the answers….know that it’s simply your limited mind trying to keep you safe.

When you can pause, and tune inward and dive into the expansion, the joy, the bliss + knowing of the expanded heart, the certainty will come, the clarity will come, the commitment will be easy and your confidence will expand.

INSTAGRAM_Three Keys To Creating MomentumIf you want to dive deeper into understanding what kind of daily habits you can put in place so you can turn up the volume of the expanded heart + quiet that limiting mind, I put together a brand-new free LIVE training + you are invited!

It’s called 3 Keys To Creating Momentum (How To Be Unstoppable + Thrive Through Uncertainty)

I’m sharing simple + tangible tools that have helped countless actors build careers and navigate the ups + downs of actor life.

Click here to register to join me LIVE  + walk away feeling empowered, uplifted and knowing the exact daily strategies to easily put into place to thrive through uncertainty

I can’t wait to see you there!

Here’s to operating from your expanded heart today + quieting the limited mind.

Leave a comment below + let me know what resonated with you the most + if you’re joining me for the free training!

Love + Gratitude,


P.S. I just created a brand new guided meditation for July that actors are loving.  It’s called “Daily Confidence.”  It’s my gift to you (along with other surprises), when you join me in The Spotlight Club. 

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