Waking Up Late + Cranky? (How To Reclaim Your Day)

    So what do you do when you wake up late + cranky?  How do you not let it ruin your whole day?

    I’ll admit, that was me last week, even after sharing my “3 tips to boost your mood + feel better daily.”  (We teach what we most need to learn, right?)

    I’m glad to hear that my R.E.V. acronym helped so many of you recommit to your morning routine.  In case you missed it, I suggested you….

    1. Rise early
    2. Exercise
    3. Visualize

    But what happens if you don’t rise early?  What happens if you sleep in, press snooze and wake up much later, feeling unmotivated?  (Hello, 2020?!)

    I get it.  In fact, this past week, my sweet son interrupted my sleep multiple times because he had some spooky dreams, and it definitely made “rising early” a big challenge for me.

    So, this week, I wanted to share how I had to modify the “Rise early” part of my morning routine, and still not let it throw me off my game +  tank my entire day. 

    Watch the video below + find out what you can do when you wake up late + cranky (and how it will help you reclaim your power).

    Yes, replace the R in “Rise early” for “Reset.”

    Don’t let yourself go down a dark rabbit hole of despair just because you woke up later than you planned, or are feeling frustrated with yourself. 

    Give yourself a break.  So, you didn’t wake up at 6am to do power yoga Zoom class.  It’s ok.

    Forgive yourself + reset. Get outside. Move your body in some way.

    When we recognize that yes, we are all feeling a little off balance these days, in these uncertain times, with so much upheaval in the world, but that we each have a choice to reset, we can regain our power.

    You have an opportunity to do this in every minute of every day.

    So don’t tell yourself that just because you woke up late + cranky that you can’t move your body today.  Reset your mind.  Tell yourself you can + you will.  Then choose it + recommit.

    So, your new morning routine (on the days you’re feeling off your game)….

    1. Reset  (I reset my mind)
    2. Exercise (I recharge my body)
    3. Visualize (I reclaim my power)

    Ok?  You got this.  Your body and mind needs this (way more than scrolling through Instagram).

    Let me know in the comments below if you are going to reset today + reclaim your power?

    I’m rooting for you.

    Love + Gratitude,


    P.S.  If you need extra guidance + support right now, my VIP mentoring membership community “The Spotlight Club” is the place to be.  I provide monthly mindset tools, actor-specific guided meditations + live coaching every single month (for less than a latte a day). Here’s a sneak peek at  the comments from our recent live stream where we talked about everything from self-tapes to speaking up to succeeding in this biz..  Come join us here.


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