Why Alignment (Then Action) Is The Key To Your Success

Can you believe the year is half over?

No matter what you have or haven’t “done” so far this year, before you dive into taking more action, I want you to know one thing…

There is nothing outside of your ability to accomplish it, but when you force yourself to take action from a place of lack-minded thinking, your efforts will often provide lackluster results.

There is so much more power available to you, when you choose to align your mind first, and then take action from this newly inspired place (and all that procrastinating ends!)

But how do you do this?  Quieting the mind is key.

Whether through meditation or a free guided meditation like “Easing Anxiety + Improving Well-Being”, when you create a daily practice to tune out the ego mind (that is rooted in fear), and tune into the higher mind (that is rooted in love) not only will you improve your well-being, you’ll also gain clarity on inspired actions that align with the success you seek.

Here 3 steps to creating alignment then action….

STEP 1: Get quiet + breathe.

Take 3 deep breaths.

With each cleansing breath begin to feel sense of calm take over, and release any of the ego mind’s unnecessary chatter by noticing the thought without judgment and watching it float by.  No need to “get rid of it,” but instead notice it as an observer.

This way, you also discover and practice, “I have thoughts, but I am not my thoughts.”

STEP 2: Connect with your highest self.

This is the part of you that only loves, knows you are capable of anything you set your mind to and doesn’t believe in limitation. (Yes, this part of you exists.)

Internalize the following declarations to help you connect with + understand your highest self.  (Take your time here to embody each declaration).

Today, I take the time to tune myself to see what my highest self sees.

My highest self is rooted in love, and is appreciating where I am right now.

My highest self is free of doubt, worry, or lamenting about the past.

My highest self is only looking forward, with excited anticipation for what is to come.

My highest self knows my worthiness, my value, my desires, my dreams and is cradling me in a blanket of love and adoration, no matter the conditions.

Today, I let go of any limiting beliefs or stories that have kept me in a holding pattern of resistance.

Today, I let go of the labels I have given to any events or experiences, and I also let go of any separation, fear or judgment that I may have added to the mix.

Today, I let it all go + step into the knowing that my highest self holds. That all is well.

Today, I soothe any resistance that shows up by choosing alignment first and then action.


STEP 3: Hold the vision + feel the emotion.

Begin with the end in mind. Hold the vision of what you’d like to accomplish today, as if it is done + you are feeling great.

Whether it is a great audition, a meeting, a presentation, a request, a creative project, or even an action that feels daunting.

See yourself taking inspired action, enjoying the process, feeling connected to your highest self along the way, and ending this day feeling great about the outcome.

Allow these feelings of joy to grow within you, so there is a smile on your face.

Feel this deep appreciation for yourself and all the actions you took, easily + effortlessly.

Bask in these good feelings for a few minutes + notice what clues arise.

As you end your meditation, jot down any insights you gained, and any actions you’re inspired to take.

Notice the renewed trust and faith and belief that is present within you.

This is the power of alignment then action.

Do you see how taking 5-10 minutes each day to align your mind first with what you want, will actually lead you to take actions that inspire you?

You’ll stop pushing + forcing to make things happen, but rather do things with ease + flow.

Here’s to aligning your mind first, and then taking inspired action.

Leave a comment below + let me know what inspired action you are taking this week.

– Wendy

P.S.  Need a help easing anxiety + improving well-being?  You’ll love this free guided meditation.  Actors say they felt better in 15 minutes of listening than they have all year.

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8 thoughts on “Why Alignment (Then Action) Is The Key To Your Success”

  1. Freddie Ganno

    It’s Amazing to watch what happens when we tune out the ego and let the ease and flow take place of what we feel and think about and align ourselves with before we take action.
    Prayer and meditation is key for me to start my day with gratitude!!!

    Thank you my dear friend
    GOD bless you

  2. I love this! This week I’m going to connect with my highest self through meditation. This will give me the strength I need to complete a commission I’ve been working on for months.

  3. Wendy I love you!
    I carry you with me every day.
    Whenever doubt or fear show up
    I hear your voice telling me say Hello
    and Welcome to the party. Then like
    magic the doubt and fear are gone and
    I know that I am enough right now, I can
    do anything I set my mind too. Amen

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