Want better results? Do this…

    The more I look back on the manifestations I’ve had in my life, whether it has been in my acting career, building relationships, creating abundance or even getting married and having a family, there has been a through line, a pattern, that has helped me over and over again.

    That is one of ease, flow and letting go.

    Whenever I tried to “white knuckle” the Universe into giving me what I wanted when I wanted it, I was not only acting from my ego, but ultimately creating more resistance on my own path. (This took me years to understand, so hopefully I’m giving you a shortcut here.)

    I now know, I don’t have to do it all alone.

    I am supported by something bigger than myself, and when I surrender to that power (whatever you wish to call it)  I am always guided to a higher plane.

    It has been through this deeper awareness through mindful meditation (or guided meditation, which has been easier for me), that I have come to know + trust that there has been a divine order to my life and how it is unfolding.

    When I am carefree, and flexible with what is (or isn’t) showing up, I am signaling the Universe to co-create for my highest good.

    The same is true for you.

    Deepak Chopra explains that when you create ease + flow within, “you are then no longer bound by the ego’s insecurities + cravings.”

    “The more detached you are from the results, the better the results.” – Deepak Chopra. 

    It’s not that we have to let go or lose sight of our desires or our intentions, but when we let go of our ego’s timelines (more…)

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    How To Book More Often

    My husband snapped this photo after I had just come home from a film audition earlier this month.

    I went in to read for one role, and before I was even finished with the last page of sides, the director asked me to read for another role…the lead.

    The casting director handed me 15 new pages of material and told me to “take as much time as I needed.”

    Their session was ending soon, so I really only had about 15 minutes.

    There was no time to rehearse, overthink or debate, but just to go with my instincts, make strong choices, and have fun.

    And that’s exactly what I did.

    I came home feeling so good. I was simply enjoying the journey of being an actor, and the fun of getting to play in a room full of creative people.

    The whole experience reminded me that enjoying the journey is the most important part of getting to where you want to go.
    Of course, I thought about the audition the next day. In fact, as I was doing laps in our pool, I reminded myself, “I don’t pick the jobs, the jobs pick me,” and just let it all go.

    In that moment, I got back in alignment with feeling good, being present, and enjoying my time with my family.

    Later that afternoon, I got a call (more…)

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    How To Conquer Fear

    I’m back from an unexpected trip to New York to honor my late mother-in-law at her memorial.

    It was beautiful + our visit reminded me how we must all live more fully, even in the face of fear.

    We spent one day at local pool + spa, where kids were jumping off a high cliff into the waterfalls and pool below.

    I waited on the sidelines and watched, while dipping my toes into the freezing cold water.

    I cheered my 9 year-old son on as he tentatively stepped up to the edge.

    I knew that the fear in his mind was greater than the actual jump + encouraged him to just go for it.

    bde0e234-dd6d-460e-9a54-592d65b2781cHe did, and even though he was scared, once he took the leap, he felt amazing and went again and again.

    Then he asked me to jump. (And I’m definitely afraid of heights). And it got me thinking.

    Why do we sit on the sidelines and watch as just the kids jump in?
    Why don’t we do the things that scare us more often?
    Why don’t we live more fully?

    So, I jumped.

    And got the lesson.


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    Why Alignment (Then Action) Is The Key To Your Success

    Happy July! Can you believe the year is half over?

    No matter what you have or haven’t “done” so far this year, I want you to know one thing…

    There is nothing outside of your ability to accomplish it, but when you force yourself to take action from a place of lack-minded thinking, your efforts will often provide lackluster results.

    There is so much more power available to you, when you choose to align your mind first, and then take action from this newly inspired place (and all that procrastinating ends!)

    But how do you do this? (more…)

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    The #1 Thing That Keeps You From What You Want

    The thing that keeps you from what you want (is not your agent, the casting director, or other actors in the waiting room at your audition, etc.) but it is actually something that you can control: Your thoughts.

    Sometimes we know that we should be talking to ourselves more lovingly, but we just can’t find the words.

    Other times we’re so ingrained in old habits of negative self-talk, that we literally don’t know what self-compassion even sounds like or where to begin?

    Today I’m offering up 9 mindful mantras for returning to love.

    Adopt any (and all) that feel good to you this week as a way of practicing loving self-acceptance by choosing better thoughts.

    You may just find that beginning here, with the thoughts you think and the things you tell yourself, make it easier to start seeing your life (and your career) through the lens of love.

    Or as the late great Wayne Dyer stated, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

    So become aware of what you say to yourself today, and in each present moment, practice returning to love.

    9 Mindful Mantras For Returning To Love. (more…)

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    How To Stop Shoulding On Yourself

    Have you spent most of 2018 condemning where you are?

    It’s okay. I’ve been there. In fact, I spent most of my 20’s + early 30’s in “never enough mode.”

    Yep. No matter what I was doing, (even when I shooting 26 commercials a year as a campaign spokesperson, or shooting great guest-star roles on TV), it was still never enough.

    And when I wasn’t working, that “never enough” noise got even louder. Like screaming in my ear, loud.

    Maybe you can relate? Maybe you’re “shoulding” on yourself right now?

    It sounds kind of like this:

    I should be further along by now.
    I should have booked a pilot by now.
    I should have been a series regular by now.
    I should have been in major feature films by now.
    I should have a boyfriend/girlfriend by now.
    I should be married by now.
    I should have had kids by now.
    And on, and on.

    As I look back, I realize how much time I actually wasted “shoulding” all over myself.

    Those “should” statements always come from a place of fear, and are always driven by the ego-mind.

    The ego loves making you feel like what you are doing is never enough. And these days, add a few scrolls through social media to the mix, and you might just be in full meltdown mode.

    And guess what? It never ends, unless you take control of your inner life + create a new daily practice that empowers you.
    What happens when you are in “never enough mode,” is you are training your brain to look for (more…)

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    The Hardest Part Of Manifesting What You Want

    I have found that the hardest part of manifesting is learning to let go of my attachment to the result.

    As a recovering type-A doer, my biggest frustration has been after I’ve done all the visualizing, taken all the inspired actions, committed to the daily work, and things aren’t manifesting on the exact timeline I want.

    I’ve come to realize that underneath all the frustration, is usually a massive attachment to how I think it all should go. (And how I need these desired results, now!) Can you relate?

    So often, when I really surrender, the Universe surprises me with something even better than I could have ever planned.

    So if you’re thinking about what else you can do to create what you want, it just might be time to let go of when, how and where you think it will show up.

    When I find myself over-checking for a result, I always come back to this daily mantra: I trust that the Universe has heard my every wish and knows the time, the place and how it will all unfold.

    For so long, I used to think “What else can I do?” And now I realize, the better question is  (more…)

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    To Manifest Anything: Do This First

    To manifest anything in your life, whether it is a relationship, a thing, an experience, or even a next level role, you must do this one thing first:

    You must be able to imagine it.

    Look around you right now.

    Everything you see (even the phone or the computer that you are reading this on) first began as an idea in someone’s imagination.

    They didn’t just think about it once and forget it. They gave their devoted attention to bringing their vision to life.

    And it all began with the imagination – (hint: this is the actors’ greatest tool!)

    Yet sometimes we can create a character more easily than we can create our own success.

    But here’s the good news:

    Your imagination is able to do all that you ask in proportion to the degree of your attention.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer.
    Here are 7 questions to discover what degree of attention you are giving to your desires… (more…)

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    Why You Must Visualize What You Want

    Do you take time daily to visualize what you want, so you can design your life from the inside out?

    Or do you spend your days simply reacting to what happens?

    Remember, that you are the creator of your life and the source of your happiness.

    To manifest anything in the physical world, it is first created, in the mind.

    Albert Einstein said: “Your imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

    And so to become a master manifestor,  (more…)

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    One Secret To Booking More Work

    I’m keeping it short + sweet today, as I’m about to head to San Jose for my first ever Tony Robbins Live Event! Woohoo!

    Yep, I’m gonna be walking on coals, dancing in the aisles, and gathering more inspiration + insights to share with you all!

    It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, but never made the time.

    I booked the tickets months ago (yep, to leave smack in the middle of pilot season), and even invited my best gal pal to join me.

    Not only did I end up booking a great top-of-show-recurring-guest-star gig…but I was able to shoot 2 episodes in the last 2 weeks and just found out that I have this coming week OFF!

    I spoke up and gave the production office my out-of-town dates, but also told them I was willing to move things around a bit, if need be.

    (Secretly, I was hoping I didn’t have to cancel on Tony Robbins.)

    I kept holding the vision of my friend and I in San Jose, while also feeling immense gratitude for this wonderful job.

    And, well, it all worked out.

    So, what’s on your joy + fun list these days?


    Is there something you are putting off because you don’t want to miss out on an acting opportunity?

    Here’s one secret to booking more:

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