How To Become Your Best Self: 20 Things To Say Yes To Today

When we are looking to expand into all that we want to become in our lives + our careers, sometimes the path ahead can feel daunting + uncertain.

Our inner critic will convince us it’s safer to stay where we are, or even turn around, then to forge ahead on the unknown path.

But what if all it took to move forward was a simple inner mental shift?

Where instead of listening to the inner critic’s voice that says….

…I can’t, it won’t happen, it’s not possible, it isn’t here yet, so it must not be coming, etc.

What if, instead, we simply said YES to ourselves more often.

Here are 20 Things To Say YES To Today to get you going again on your path…
Today, I open myself up to my own expansion, give myself permission to elevate my life + career and….

1. I say yes to allowing in wonderful people who assist me at every turn.
2. I say yes to inviting in amazing opportunities that help me expand.
3. I say yes to my creative ideas, (even if they scare me).
4. I say yes to bigger and better roles in projects I love.
5. I say yes to making my living doing what I love.
6. I say yes to expanding that abundance beyond my wildest dreams.
7. I say yes to creating a life on my terms.
8. I say yes to putting myself first.
9. I say yes to taking amazing care of myself every day.
10. I say yes to beautiful relationships that fulfill me.
11. I say yes to allowing in more wonderful experiences.
12. I say yes to inviting in all that I told the Universe I wanted.
13. I say yes to expanding into all I am meant to become.
14. I say yes to feeling scared but doing it anyway.
15. I say yes to hearing the critical voice within, but taking action in spite of it.
16. I say yes to getting outside my comfort zone.
17. I say yes to figuring it out as I go.
18. I say yes to speaking to myself with compassion + kindness.
19. I say yes to living a courageous, creative, fulfilling, joy-filled life.
20. I say yes to knowing I have the power to choose my thoughts and today, I say YES to myself.

How did THAT feel? (I bolded the ones that usually stop people from moving forward, in case that’s you.)

Maybe this one?

I say yes to getting outside my comfort zone.

Leave a comment below + let me know which one resonates with you the most.

And if it’s been really hard for you to believe in possibility lately, check out this inspiring post:
How To Collect The “No’s” + Turn Them Into “Yes.” (My personal story of 10 agents turning me down.)

Here’s to a week of saying YES to yourself more often + noticing what shows up.

Love + Gratitude,
– Wendy

P.S. If you need more inspiration to help you keep going when that inner critic voice pops up again, here are some powerful resources:

  1. Download + listen to the popular guided meditation: Easing Anxiety + Improving Well-Being.
  2. Download + print the empowering Warrior Manifesto.
  3. Get mentoring, mindset + manifestation tools specifically designed for the actor’s journey, here inside the global The Spotlight Club.

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4 thoughts on “How To Become Your Best Self: 20 Things To Say Yes To Today”

  1. I love saying YES! It’s one of my favorite things to do in life. Everyone now and then I’ll have something that pops up and that little voice of caution pops up, but I acknowledge it and do what I feel is best. Thank you for the reminder to keep saying yes!

  2. “Saying yes to getting out of my comfort zone”. That is HUGE for me. A year ago my husband and I moved our little family to Atlanta for our careers. We moved away from friends and family to follow our dreams. We moved away from a steady income and a 401k. It was the scariest yet bravest thing I’ve ever done. I still have those panic moments but it’s getting easier and easier. Best decision we’ve ever made.

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