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The Most Powerful Agent of Human Change

This quote stopped me in my tracks last week + I knew I had to share it with you.

Unexpected kindness is the MOST POWERFUL, LEAST COSTLY AND MOST UNDERRATED agent of human change.”

As we head into the holidays, what if each and everyone of us began practicing unexpected kindness everywhere we went?

In the check out line at the grocery store, at the post office, in traffic, with our children, our spouses, our mates, our families, our relatives (even the ones you’re not so fond of) and ourselves.

Why?  Because…

In a consumer driven world that is constantly telling us we need to acquire more, bigger and better, what if we (more…)

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How To Get Out Of Your Own Way (And Into Receiving Mode)

Wanna know how you get in your own way and what’s really keeping you from what you want?

Believe it or not, it’s your own dissatisfaction that it’s not here yet.

Yep, your dissatisfaction, “in the meantime,” is your most common hindrance to getting closer to your goals.

I almost got mad when I first read this, but then felt better knowing that it’s the simplest one to release.

Feeling like our dreams are somehow eluding us or are delayed can feel deeply frustrating.

But underneath all the dissatisfaction, is an opportunity to dig deeper, to redirect your focus and to release it all so you can (more…)

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The Real Secret To Booking More Work

Wanna know the real secret to booking more acting work?

After booking 3 jobs (2 with A-List comedy super-stars) in one day last month, I can tell you the real secret to booking more work…

Plan a vacation.  (Or any scheduled time off to just relax)

Let me explain why this works.

Years ago, I used to have a huge case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

I would never leave town and would barely plan a day trip to the beach, in case I had to be ready for a


Sound familiar? Can’t you feel the sense of panic in that statement?  And planning trips in advance? That was out of the question.  My thought was always, “But what if I book a job?

Here’s what I now know to be very true…


Believe me, 20 years actually goes by pretty darn fast!

Eventually I started taking this advice and would allow myself to (more…)

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3 Steps to Begin Manifesting Miracles

To begin manifesting miracles, we must re-connect with an energy greater than ourselves + unite with it, we must release our blocks, and practice TLC.

Not only is this “tender, loving care” of ourselves at a deep level, but I’ve redefined TLC to give you a quick three step guide to begin manifesting miracles.

Here are all 3 steps to begin manifesting miracles… (more…)

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How To Stop Blocking Your Own Success

How do you stop blocking your own success?
First, you must become aware that you are the one doing it.

How do you know?

Most likely you are focusing our attentionthoughts, words, social media posts, conversations with friends + mental mindset on lack, on what isn’t working and on what you don’t want to experience.

Since like attracts like – whatever you give your attention to expands, creating more of it in your life.

So instead of focusing on what you don’t want, the key is to pivot your attention to what you DO want.

This is not new age philosophy, it’s physics.  Everything is made up of energy.

And it happens whether you are aware of it or not.  Becoming aware of it can transform your life.

Here are 5 steps to stop blocking your own success. (more…)

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5 Ways To Invite In More Abundance

Ready to invite in more abundance this month?  Often, when wanting to acquire more abundance + prosperity, a sense of lack or need can arise.

The late, great Dr. Wayne Dyer stated…


The key is to raise our abundance consciousness or awareness.  Since our inner world always creates our outer world, if we want to change our experience of abundance, we must change (more…)

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How To Let in Your Big Desires

To let in your big desires, you have to know the real reason they are often taking so long to manifest.


The real reason bigger desires often take longer to manifest, is because you have to let go of your smallness to let in something that big.  – Jafree Oswald

As you let go of your smallness, you can also let go of any feelings of unworthiness.

This week I’d like to simply remind you of how deeply worthy + wonderful you are.

If you have a desire, then it is possible to realize it.

Maybe all that’s left to letting it in is… (more…)

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5 Steps To Manifesting Your Goals This Year

Happy New Year!

Have you taken the time to envision what you want out of 2016?  I hope so.

Research shows that one of the most valuable skills you could ever develop is that of directing your mind towards creating what you want. 

It has been proven that creative visualization combined with inspired action will yield far greater results than mere action alone.

Why? When you train your mind to visualize, you are essentially giving it a blueprint for the Universe to follow.
Reach a goal
If you want to reach a goal, you must “see the reaching” in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal.”  – Zig Ziglar

The reason so many people never meet the big goals they set, is because (more…)

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How To Make Room For Money To Flow: 9 Actions For Actors

To make room for money to flow to you, there must be space to receive it, both literally + energetically.

Two areas where too much clutter can stop the flow of money into your life are…

  1. Your wallet or purse.
  2. Your mind.

Let’s deal with the tangible one first.

Your wallet or purse serves as a literal home + metaphorical spiritual temple for your money.  Are you treating it as such?

What does your wallet or purse look like?   Is it cluttered with old receipts, crumpled bills + business cards of people you never intend to contact?  Is it crammed with expired SAG/AFTRA cards or loyalty cards for stores you rarely visit?

Is there room for more money to flow to you?  Is it inviting?  Do you enjoy going into it?  Or do you get frustrated every time you go spend your money?


Too much stuff in our wallets can actually create an energetic blockage to receiving more money.  We must create the space first.

Here are 9 actions you can take today to make room for money to flow: (more…)

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