Why You Need To Take A (Guilt-Free) Break

    Last week, I had an actress in my private Spotlight Club community admit that she was struggling with stress and feeling a little burnt out.

    She was ready for a break and wanted to take a day to herself, but was feeling really guilty about it. Ever been there?

    Do you ever tell yourself these things:

    If I’m not working 24/7 on my career, then success won’t come to me.
    If I’m not putting in a lot of extra effort, then I don’t deserve success.
    If I take a break, it feels like I’m just being lazy.

    Do you realize, that these are all just false beliefs that you’ve been telling yourself?

    When your mind, body + soul are asking for a break, that is because (more…)

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    How You Can Start Loving It All (Even If You Have The Post-Oscar Blues)

    Did you watch the Oscars last night? No matter how it left you feeling, I’m hoping today’s post will uplift you.

    Last night, my husband + I were invited to a black tie Oscar viewing party at The Hollywood Museum + I had the dream of wearing a gown from an amazing designer who creates handmade works of art.

    Follow me here on instagram to see the pics.

    And this morning, I’m back on the set, shooting another episode of a wonderful TV show I worked on last week + am feeling so grateful to do what I love, while also inspiring other actors along the way.

    I want you to know that just 4 weeks ago, after having some great auditions and not really booking anything, I was feeling pretty down about how 2018 was going.

    I wanted to feel better, but there were days, where I just couldn’t get out of my own funk + lift myself up. Can you relate?
    Well, it got me thinking….

    It seems we search for ways to feel good, and often run in fear of feeling anything less than what we deem as “positive emotions.”

    But what if feeling all emotions were positive?unnamed
    What if every emotion you feel throughout your day was here to awaken you?

    And what if you could start loving it all?

    We often spend our time judging, criticizing + labeling ourselves + our emotions + then adding to the story of what it all means.
    What if, throughout your day, whatever thought or emotion was getting your attention, you could simply (more…)

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    Where To Focus When Nothing Is Going On…..

    When there are slow patches in your career, do you go down the dark rabbit hole of worry + self-doubt?

    Do you start obsessing about how you did on your last audition or wondering if you’ll ever get another one?

    I know. I’ve been there.

    But, when you shift your focus from what is not working to what’s going right in your life, things will begin to shift in your favor.

    This year started off kinda quiet for me (well, except all of my free trainings for actors!), and it would have been easy for me to start ranting + raving….

    “What are my reps doing?”
    “Where are my auditions?”
    “What am I missing out on?”

    But asking myself those questions only produces answers (and feelings) rooted in lack and fear.

    So instead, I focused all of my energy on helping other actors (like you) succeed, while getting into a mental head-space of radical appreciation for what was working in my life.

    Why would this matter?

    Within the next week, I ended up getting 3 amazing auditions, including a request to read for a different role on a project I had already been in for late last year.

    (Something I didn’t even know would come back around, and could have easily spent a lot of wasted time examining what I might have not done “right” at that initial audition.)

    And then, a wonderful booking came in (which I can’t give details about yet) and an invitation to attend a red carpet Oscar party.

    And all from shifting my focus + how it made me feel when nothing was going on. That’s it.

    Sounds simple, right? It Is, but many actors choose to take the struggling route of complaining + blaming + then berating themselves. Then they spend their days busying themselves with “doing more” from this space of lack.

    What they don’t realize, is that it’s hamster wheel that just produces more of the same.

    So, what if, no matter how things look right now, you told yourself this:

    Instead of spending anytime criticizing or berating myself today,

    I marvel at all I’ve done + who I’ve become along the way.


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    5 Ways To Bring Your Life Back Into Balance This Week

    It’s so easy to look around the chaos in our world and our weather, and respond with fear, worry or anger.

    It’s also easy to take these stressful feelings and redirect them (often unconsciously) towards your loved ones or even towards yourself.

    But, the more chaos that surfaces in the world (or in your own life), the more important it becomes to find a still point in your heart.

    When you clear space in your mind + your heart, and become a witness to your pain or problems, without engaging in your own suffering, you create new neural pathways to the solution.

    It’s the stillness that ultimately sets you free + brings your life back into balance.

    When you get still in your heart + mind, every disruption can lead you to an even bigger awakening.

    So, what if instead of believing all the negative noise in your head, you (more…)

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    How To Get To The Next Level In Your Acting Career

    My wish for you is that you find the success that you are seeking, but here’s one important thing to know.


    In other words, if you’ve been wanting to get to the next level in your career + it is just not happening, there is usually one big reason….you have a limiting belief that is keeping it from showing up.

    I know it would be easier to blame your agent, a casting director, this business, the economy or the traffic for why you are not where you want to be, but, it is, in fact, an inside job.

    That also means, you have the power to change it.

    Here’s how to get to the next level in your acting career: (more…)

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    There Is No Competition

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    Morning Mindset Meditation

    As I walk into my next audition, callback, job or meeting,I love what it feels like to feel that there is no competition.

    I take a deep breath in and know there is no competition, because there is only one me.

    I exhale and release any concern about what others are doing, wearing, or saying. (more…)

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    How To Change Your Beliefs

    Have you noticed what you say to yourself at an audition, in the waiting room, on the way out, on the set, or even driving around in your car?

    Is your inner dialogue filled with ridicule or praise?  Denis Waitly’s wise words ring true:


    Your inner thoughts are reflected in your outer world.  So, if you change those thoughts, your experience will begin to change.  Here’s how… (more…)

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