10 Mantras That Increased My Happiness (And Bookings!)

    Have you been trying really hard to make your acting dreams happen this year? Are you feeling overworked and overwhelmed? I get it.

    I used to think that working harder would produce better results, but ultimately that thinking often led to me feeling resentful and exhausted.

    (While I watched those who didn’t work nearly as hard as I reap all kinds of rewards.) Can you relate?

    So, now, whenever I find myself pushing to make things happen, I remind myself that there is power in ease, flow + letting go.

    In fact, just last month, when I had a quiet few weeks with no auditions, I reminded myself to let go of how I think it all should go + what I think should be showing up right now.

    Instead I used the time to clear the clutter, update my online presence, play with my kids, swim in the ocean and trust in the future I could not see. (This guided meditation helped me)

    And what happened? Auditions came in.

    And in those auditions, I brought that sense of ease, flow + letting go with me, and it resulted in my latest feature film booking (as one of the lead roles).

    It also brought back a voice-over campaign (where I was the initial voice, but then had to re-audition to get the job back.)

    I auditioned again + I got the job back for multiple TV spots over several recording sessions. (But, wow, talk about letting go in the process!)

    So, I hope these examples help you to relax about whatever is or isn’t showing up for you right now + help you realize how much power lies in letting go.

    Here are 5 graphics I created for you of mantras I have been telling myself lately that have helped me to increase my happiness (+ my bookings.)

    Feel free to screenshot your favorite + make it your new screensaver, or share them on your own social media.
    unnamed-1 (more…)

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    How To Conquer Fear

    I’m back from an unexpected trip to New York to honor my late mother-in-law at her memorial.

    It was beautiful + our visit reminded me how we must all live more fully, even in the face of fear.

    We spent one day at local pool + spa, where kids were jumping off a high cliff into the waterfalls and pool below.

    I waited on the sidelines and watched, while dipping my toes into the freezing cold water.

    I cheered my 9 year-old son on as he tentatively stepped up to the edge.

    I knew that the fear in his mind was greater than the actual jump + encouraged him to just go for it.

    bde0e234-dd6d-460e-9a54-592d65b2781cHe did, and even though he was scared, once he took the leap, he felt amazing and went again and again.

    Then he asked me to jump. (And I’m definitely afraid of heights). And it got me thinking.

    Why do we sit on the sidelines and watch as just the kids jump in?
    Why don’t we do the things that scare us more often?
    Why don’t we live more fully?

    So, I jumped.

    And got the lesson.


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    Today Is A Gift

    Two weeks ago, my in-laws came to town from New York for a wonderful visit. It was idyllic, actually.

    We ate brunch at Paradise Cove and relaxed on the beach in Malibu, while they enjoyed watching our kids surf.

    We had long + lovely outdoor dinner conversations in our backyard, as the kids laughed and played in the pool.

    They sat in our soothing spa, soaked up the sun while napping on the lounge chairs, and then took the kids to Toys R Us for a special shopping spree – grandparent style.

    My mother-in-law said so many times what a perfect weekend it was, and thanked me for the blessing I have been in her son’s life.

    She even told me that she looked at a picture of my own late mother on our bookshelf, and thanked her for bringing me into the world.

    I know it was a soul to soul moment, where they connected, mother to mother, feeling the gratitude that they both had done an amazing job of raising their children.

    I can only imagine what a gift that would be, to one day see your own children thrive as adults, and witness the beautiful lives they lead.

    She told me how content, peaceful and joyful she felt.

    The next weekend, while back at her home in upstate New York, she suffered a massive stroke, and on Monday, June 11th, she passed away.

    I am still in shock, and even in tears, as I write this now.

    My mind doesn’t quite comprehend how quickly someone you love so dearly can be here, enjoying life, and then be gone, in an instant.

    But it happens. Every single day. Without warning.

    Even though it’s only been a week now, and I am deeply saddened, Fran Cox is now helping me to live a more present life.

    I hold on tighter to my children. I play with them longer, before saying, “I have to go make dinner.”

    I sit in my backyard and listen to the birds. (She loved birds, and could name them all.)

    I take more time to give thanks for my health, my home, my husband, my boys and the life I live.

    I remind myself that today is a gift.

    Because it’s really all we have.

    And we have a choice, each and every day, how we spend our precious time + where we focus our attention.

    It may sound like a cliche, but it really is the truth. Today is a gift.

    Connect more deeply.
    Notice the abundance that surrounds you.
    Give thanks more often.

    And if my mother-in-law’s sudden passing can somehow teach me to live more fully, then I hope it can also be a gift to you. (more…)

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    We All Feel Sad At Times: Ask For Help

    At my sons’ elementary school this past week they put in a “Buddy Bench.” This is a bench that someone can go to if they feel lonely, left out, sad or depressed.

    Others know that when someone is sitting on the bench, that they want to be asked to play, and the children are encouraged to invite whomever is sitting there to join them.

    Not only does this teach compassion and empathy at a young age, but it also lets our youth know that it is okay to feel these feelings and let others know about it.

    Gifting this Buddy Bench to our elementary school brought tears to my eyes, for the message of inclusion and hope it will now bring to those who are in pain.

    It made me wish more adults had a Buddy Bench. (more…)

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    How You Can Start Loving It All (Even If You Have The Post-Oscar Blues)

    Did you watch the Oscars last night? No matter how it left you feeling, I’m hoping today’s post will uplift you.

    Last night, my husband + I were invited to a black tie Oscar viewing party at The Hollywood Museum + I had the dream of wearing a gown from an amazing designer who creates handmade works of art.

    Follow me here on instagram to see the pics.

    And this morning, I’m back on the set, shooting another episode of a wonderful TV show I worked on last week + am feeling so grateful to do what I love, while also inspiring other actors along the way.

    I want you to know that just 4 weeks ago, after having some great auditions and not really booking anything, I was feeling pretty down about how 2018 was going.

    I wanted to feel better, but there were days, where I just couldn’t get out of my own funk + lift myself up. Can you relate?
    Well, it got me thinking….

    It seems we search for ways to feel good, and often run in fear of feeling anything less than what we deem as “positive emotions.”

    But what if feeling all emotions were positive?unnamed
    What if every emotion you feel throughout your day was here to awaken you?

    And what if you could start loving it all?

    We often spend our time judging, criticizing + labeling ourselves + our emotions + then adding to the story of what it all means.
    What if, throughout your day, whatever thought or emotion was getting your attention, you could simply (more…)

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    Where To Focus When Nothing Is Going On…..

    When there are slow patches in your career, do you go down the dark rabbit hole of worry + self-doubt?

    Do you start obsessing about how you did on your last audition or wondering if you’ll ever get another one?

    I know. I’ve been there.

    But, when you shift your focus from what is not working to what’s going right in your life, things will begin to shift in your favor.

    This year started off kinda quiet for me (well, except all of my free trainings for actors!), and it would have been easy for me to start ranting + raving….

    “What are my reps doing?”
    “Where are my auditions?”
    “What am I missing out on?”

    But asking myself those questions only produces answers (and feelings) rooted in lack and fear.

    So instead, I focused all of my energy on helping other actors (like you) succeed, while getting into a mental head-space of radical appreciation for what was working in my life.

    Why would this matter?

    Within the next week, I ended up getting 3 amazing auditions, including a request to read for a different role on a project I had already been in for late last year.

    (Something I didn’t even know would come back around, and could have easily spent a lot of wasted time examining what I might have not done “right” at that initial audition.)

    And then, a wonderful booking came in (which I can’t give details about yet) and an invitation to attend a red carpet Oscar party.

    And all from shifting my focus + how it made me feel when nothing was going on. That’s it.

    Sounds simple, right? It Is, but many actors choose to take the struggling route of complaining + blaming + then berating themselves. Then they spend their days busying themselves with “doing more” from this space of lack.

    What they don’t realize, is that it’s hamster wheel that just produces more of the same.

    So, what if, no matter how things look right now, you told yourself this:

    Instead of spending anytime criticizing or berating myself today,

    I marvel at all I’ve done + who I’ve become along the way.


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    3 Steps To Take When You Feel Lost

    Thirteen years ago, I was on the edge of a devastating breakup and days like Valentine’s Day would spark a sadness within me that would turn the rest of February into my least favorite month.

    Especially since I had a timeline of how my life was going to go + clearly I was “off schedule,” since I was going to be married with kids by age 33.

    When we feel lost in the woods and we can’t seem to find our way, it’s easy to think thinks will never change.

    Time definitely gives you perspective, and as I look back now, this is what I wish I knew….

    Love wherever you are in your journey and know that it is all leading you to the light.

    Because ultimately, life had even better plans for me.

    And interestingly enough, it was after spending a year where I focused on giving myself everything I thought I needed a relationship to give to me, that an old friend (who I did a film with 10 years prior) came along and changed my life. (more…)

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    Start Your Day In This Way + Set Yourself Up For Success

    If you feel like you’re going a mile a minute lately, it might be time to slow down.

    What if what you really needed was not to ‘do more’ or ‘try harder’, but rather thank yourself for all you’ve done so far?

    We swipe, scroll + search. But for what? What if all you needed in this moment is right here in front of you?

    For me, this month is all about simplification + appreciation.

    I’m even on a mission to simplify my weekly Morning Mindset emails for you!

    Since everything you tell yourself is an affirmation (whether it’s good or bad), today, I’d like to help you slow down + affirm what is working.

    Starting your day in a state of appreciation will help you set yourself up for success.


    Here are some Mindset Mantras to help you get there. Breathe deeply + declare the following to yourself silently or out loud…

    Today, I practice radical appreciation.

    As I think, I create. As I feel, I attract. As I imagine, I become.

    Today, I use my power of focus to think, feel + imagine what I want,
    and clear my mind of anything that no longer serves me.

    Instead of spending anytime criticizing or berating myself today,
    I marvel at all I’ve done + who I’ve become along the way.

    I express unconditional love for my home, myself, my family,
    my friends + my business relationships.

    Today, I practice radical appreciation.

    Want to dive even deeper + make it a daily practice?

    Actors are enjoying profound shifts just from listening to my latest guided meditation, Radical Appreciation, which you can download for free here.

    Here’s to a week of starting each day from a state of appreciation.

    Leave a comment here on the blog + let me know what you are affirming this week.

    Love + Gratitude,

    – Wendy

    RadicalAppreciation_225P.S. Want to take the guesswork out of meditation + visualization?

    My brand-new audio “Radical Appreciation” is totally free this month, with a 30 day free trial to my Spotlight Club.

    One actress said after listening just once, “ I felt myself bursting with love and had tears in my eyes by the end! 

    And it’s totally free in February.  Kind of a win-win-win if you ask me.

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    44 Tips To Inspire, Uplift + Empower Actors

    My holiday wish for you is that, in this moment. you realize you have so much to celebrate.

    Today, I am celebrating the sacred space we share together as actors on this journey.

    Today, I am looking back + celebrating the past year of Actor Inspiration.

    It has been so rewarding knowing that whether I am feeling up or down, whether I booked the latest job or haven’t had an audition in weeks, I can share my heart, mind + soul with you here and it helps you on your journey.

    In fact, one of my favorite comments to read after a blog post from an actor is, “This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I felt like you were talking directly to me.”

    And in many ways, I am.  Doing this work each week has helped me to feel a deep connection to those on a creative path – heart, mind + soul.

    Below is a visual review of what we’ve uncovered together this past year.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It’s fun to play for a living, that’s for sure…but I had no idea how much this work of helping + inspiring other actors along the way, would end up helping + inspiring me.

    Here’s to a year worth celebrating.

    Feel free to leave a comment below + let me know which graphic speaks to you the most today.

    Love + Gratitude,

    Sending lots of love from my home to yours, today + always.

    To read the entire blog post: Click on the graphic + it will lead you to the entire post.
    To post to Pinterest: Click directly on the “PinIt” logo that appears in the upper left corner when you scroll over each graphic.

    55 (more…)

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    How To Restore Your Sanity + Reignite Your Creativity

    I’m keeping it short and sweet today, as I’m off on another trip with my family.

    My mantra lately has been: I’ll never regret that I went on too many vacations (especially while my young boys still want to hang out with me).

    But as we approach the last 3 months of the year (where did the time go?!), I hope you’ll schedule in some quiet time for yourself.

    I used to feel guilty about doing “nothing,” much less taking more than one vacation a year! (I had tons of actor-FOMO)

    I used to go-go-go 24/7, often feeling overwhelmed by all I was doing and even resentful of those who were taking a break. (I’m sure I was just jealous that they knew how to!)

    But now I’ve learned that, when you can find stillness, you ignite the fuel to recharge your batteries, restore your sanity, and even reignite your creativity.

    So I’m here to encourage you to sleep in, go for a walk, grab some tea or a cozy blanket and write in a journal, read a good book or listen to a guided meditation.

    Eckhart Tolle says, “You are never more essentially yourself than when you are still.”

    Do whatever you need to do to t (more…)

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