My Best Audition Tips (How I Booked The Role That Is Now Up For Your Emmy® Consideration)

    Three years ago, I went in for one audition for a “possible recurring role” on Atypical.

    I remember vividly, sitting in the waiting room, filled with actors of all different types and ages. All reading for the same role.

    I could have easily told myself that “they’d never book me because I’m too ________ (young, old, tall, quirky, etc).” Or fill in the blank with whatever you tell yourself in these situations.

    But instead, I chose to focus on simply bringing my truth into the room.

    The character, Kathy, was described as “the uptight, but well-intentioned leader of the autism parent support group + a friend of Jennifer Jason Leigh’s.”

    I found the place in me that understood what this meant. No judgment. Just truth.

    My agent at the time actually thought I should pass on the role because he thought it might not turn into anything + that it wasn’t big enough.

    But I felt connected to this character on many levels, even though the scenes in Season 1 were short + sweet.

    But the scenes were funny, Kathy had a strong point of view + I could see her becoming part of the fabric of this show.

    I also had never been into this casting office, so I figured why not simply go in + do what I do + leave?

    I’m glad I trusted my instincts.

    Today, Emmy-nomination round voting closes (tonight at 10pm PST), and to be up For Your Emmy® Consideration as “Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series” for my work on Atypical, is a dream come true.

    You can quick view the clips here
    Television Academy Members can vote here. 

    I hope my story inspires you go into this week believing in yourself + knowing that anything is possible,

    My best audition tips:

    1. Trust your instincts.
    2. Share your truth.
    3. Shine your light.
    4. Leave.

    If I had told myself a different story in the waiting room, if I had listened to my agent who didn’t think the role was big enough and if I had tried to figure out what “they” were looking for….it definitely wouldn’t have helped me book the role.

    It’s not always easy to quiet the inner critic or other people’s opinions, but you’ll find that when you do, what’s left is your intuition and it always knows the way.

    And if you need some help trusting your instincts lately, download my free “Success In The Audition Room” guided meditation audio here. (more…)

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    3 Ways To Create Morning Motivation (Before Getting Out Of Bed)

    How you start your day is how you live your life.

    Do you scroll through email and social media before you even get out of bed?  It’s not uncommon, but it’s also not helping you to be productive.

    When your morning habit is to tune into what everyone else is doing, needing and wanting, you lose the valuable connection with your own inner knowing.

    This connection is very powerful + will guide you throughout your day, but it’s not found by scrolling through Instagram.

    Social media will most likely lead you to comparing and despairing. (Not ideal for motivating yourself to take action, first thing in the morning.)

    Since your life is created by your habits, to wire yourself for success, you must (more…)

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    What To Do When What You Want Isn’t Showing Up: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

    I know it’s fun to have what you want show up, easily + effortlessly, but what happens when it’s not coming to you as fast as you had hoped?

    When you want something + you doubt it, you add resistance to your own perfect path.

    Sometimes when you see another having what it is you want, your ego may convince you that your timing is off, and that it’s not coming to you.

    But that is just a game the critical mind likes to play to stay in control.

    If there’s something you want, that isn’t coming, the best thing to do is  (more…)

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    40 Soulful Reminders To Uplift + Inspire Your #Actorlife

    As the year comes to a close, I hope you take time to reflect on your glorious life this year.

    I hope you take some quiet time to celebrate all you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come.

    Don’t just measure your success by the jobs you booked or the credits you added to your resume.

    Yes, those are fun wins, but in the 365 days that you were given in 2018, there is so much more for you to celebrate.

    Express radical appreciation

    Hope this helps get you started… (more…)

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    Who Can You Thank This Week?

    It’s Thanksgiving week in the United States, and to say I’m grateful right now, would be a grand understatement.

    The outpouring of love, light, kindness, generosity + connection that has been flowing my way since all of the devastation + destruction in California, has been so deeply appreciated.

    Thank you for your comments, thoughts, prayers, wishes and open arms.

    And if you missed last week’s post + your free audio, click here: Devastation + Destruction (And How It Ignites Light + Love).

    My family and I are so fortunate to be back in our home, after evacuating for multiple days during the California fires.

    And in the midst of it all, I learned yet another amazing lesson.
    unnamed (more…)

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    Staying Calm Amidst Chaos

    In the rush and noise of our busy lives, from the alerts on our phones, our computers, social media to all of the daily requests + interactions (not to mention the mid-term elections in the U.S. and the holidays drawing near), we must take time to create a feeling of calm amidst the chaos.

    Our minds want to stay busy defining who we are, evaluating what we’ve done, adding meaning to events, and then letting us know (sometimes all day long) how we are falling short.

    It is in finding stillness within + calming the chaos in the active mind, that your true image is reflected back to you.
    It is in that stillness that your intuition is accessible, tension is released, and well-being abounds. (more…)

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    How To Expand Into Your Best Self: 20 Things To Say Yes To Today

    When we are looking to expand into all that we want to become in our lives + our careers, sometimes the path ahead can feel daunting + uncertain.

    Our inner critic will convince us it’s safer to stay where we are, or even turn around, then to forge ahead on the unknown path.

    But what if all it took to move forward was a simple inner mental shift.

    Where instead of listening to the inner critic’s voice that says….

    …I can’t, it won’t happen, it’s not possible, it isn’t hear yet, so it must not be coming, etc.

    What if, instead, we simply said YES to ourselves more often.

    Here are 20 Things To Say YES To Today to get you going again on your path…
    Today, I open myself up to my own expansion and…. (more…)

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    This Is Getting In The Way Of Your Success

    You may have heard (or seen) that Will Smith bungee jumped out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon on his 50th birthday. Just before jumping he said, “Anytime I’m scared of something, I feel compelled to attack it.”

    His words and actions have always inspire me.

    Doing the things that have scared me over the years have definitely expanded my life in wonderful ways.

    One of my favorite truth bombs he shared was this:
    You can’t experience the joy that is intended for you in life if you don’t go. Don’t hesitate. Commit.
    So what gets in most people’s way of going for the life (and career) that they want?

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