Dealing With Tough Emotions (And Answering The Call)

    If you’re feeling all kinds of emotions come up during these uncertain times, know that you are not alone.

    I’ve been inspired by many messages lately, and wanted to share this insight with you from French philosopher, Pascal.  He stated this back in the 1600’s (centuries before the internet, of course)…

    “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

    Quetyly Alone In A Room (more…)

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    Easing Your Anxiety (My Gift To You) ???

    I’ve created something to help you ease anxiety + improve well-being during this global pandemic, and decided to give it away for free to anyone who needs it.

    I know there’s a lot of fear + uncertainty in the world right now, but this is also a beautiful opportunity to go within + create more peace in your life.

    The Dalai Lama states that, “World peace begins with inner peace.”

    Sometimes, in the midst of chaos, people have an even harder time finding stillness.

    In fact, one friend, who knows she should meditate, told me, “Right now, meditation just feels like worrying with my eyes closed.”

    I get it. That’s where guided meditation comes in.

    You don’t need to know how to meditate.

    You don’t have to sit in the lotus pose.

    You just need to know how to download an audio, press play + listen.

    In under 15 minutes, I will guide you to quiet your mind, relax your body + open your heart.

    Just imagine if everyone in the world did this for 15 minutes a day, what kind of peace might emerge out of this global pause.

    Here’s to knowing that in every moment throughout your day, you have the option to choose peace over panic, and I’m excited to provide a free guided meditation to help you realign your mind + alleviate some of your stress.

    Click here to download your free guided meditation for Easing Anxiety + Improving Well-Being.

    unnamed (more…)

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    5 Ways To Ease Anxiety + Improve Well-Being (During A Global Pandemic)

    The global Coronavirus pandemic has ignited fear + uncertainty in the world, and I’m sure it is directly affecting your life right at this very moment in some way.

    I’ve gone through my own stages of anxiety + fear in the past week, but after doing a few key things, I can feel my well-being improve + wanted to share my tips with you.

    I’ve come to realize that in each moment throughout my day, I have a choice.

    I get to choose peace or panic.  And so do you.

    So take a deep breath in + exhale + affirm this with me….In this moment, I choose peace.

    Ultimately, I’ve always looked for the light in the midst of darkness, and the opportunity for growth in the midst of obstacles.


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    The One Word That Can Massively Change Your Results In 2020

    Before I share the one word that can massively change your results in 2020, I have to say, I’ve been so blown away by the HUGE shifts hundreds of actors are making after watching my Free Video Series

    “I watched all 3 videos, did the work + IN ONE WEEK, I got 3 new agent meetings, 5 auditions, including one for the lead in a Broadway musical, an unexpected residual check in the mail, re-edited my reel + recorded my VO demo (which I had been procrastinating on for over 2 years!). Wow!  Seeing you get emotional is so inspiring because it really shows how what you are teaching other actors has changed your life. It’s changed mine too.” – Julie C.

    “Wendy, your words are a tremendous reminder to me of what I believe to be true, but sometimes forget.  I am so inspired by how you teach. Thank you!” – Joe W.

    “Your free videos are giving me goosebumps.  Thank you for the inspiration, different perspective + generosity of spirit.  It has been empowering + liberating.” – Sue C.

    It’s only up for a limited time, so begin your breakthrough year here and join actors who have been letting go of guilt, blame, shame + feeling the weight lift off their shoulders as they begin 2020.

    Since the videos were so popular, I decided to keep the virtual party going with a VLOG today!

    That’s right, in the video below, I’m revealing how changing ONE WORD can massively change your results in 2020.

    But first, a very special invitation for you..

    In this game-changing free training I’ll walk you through 5 simple steps to radically transform your acting career AND your personal happiness in 2020!

    Click Here To Reserve Your Seat Now 

    Actors in LA, NYC, Vancouver, Toronto and Atlanta have been calling the live version of this free masterclass

    “…amazingly informative, empowering + transformative!”
    Now you can access it ONLINE!.  Reserve My Spot Here

    Here’s a quick sample of what you’ll learn:


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    Find Peace, Joy + Abundance This Holiday: Our Top 10 List

    While you’re shopping this holiday season, remember to give yourself the gift of inner peace, joy + abundance.

    How?  It’s as simple as downloading a guided meditation + pressing play.

    I’ve put together a “Top 10 Favorites Playlist” below + links to help you create your own.

    We’re offering huge savings TODAY on all of my powerful guided meditation audios.

    Shop the collection here.


    Enjoy 40% off all guided meditation audios in the #ActorInspirationGuidedMeditation Store.

    These powerful audios are mindfulness gifts you’ll use again + again to de-stress this holiday + help you crate abundance, joy + success all throughout 2020.

    Best to shop on a desktop or laptop to browse the entire online store + use coupon code vip40 at “View Cart” checkout.


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    Thank You…(A Love Letter To My Tribe)

    I’m flying home today from an amazing weekend in Vancouver + my heart is filled with so much gratitude.

    As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday in the US this week, I want to give thanks for you, my friend.

    I am so thankful for the space you grant me each + every week in your email inbox.

    To be able to inspire, uplift + empower other artists all over the world, has truly been a gift in my life. Thank you.

    Because of you, I am inspired to keep going, to keep writing each week, even when I’m tired, even when it’s late, my kids are asleep and I am staring at a blank screen.

    Because of you, I have learned that serving + helping others fuels my soul.

    Because of you, I have learned that what you give out comes back to you in wonderful ways.

    Special Note:  Comp tickets for my Live Masterclasses are now available for Atlanta, New York, Toronto, and we’ve just added London, all in January!

    Because of you, I am filled with gratitude.


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    The Simple Practice That Creates Bigger Results

    I’ve been practicing daily gratitude this month, and not only do I feel better, but it’s definitely opened up a doorway for more good things to come to me easily + effortlessly.

    I invite you to do the same, beginning right now.

    The key for me has been not doing so to “make something happen,” but instead because it simply feels good to focus on the good.

    And the extra benefit is that I’m also training my brain to criticize less, find fault less + complain less.

    And what has been happening?  I’ve had new bookings, been invited to be a podcast guest on one of my favorite shows, and last week, I became a GIF!

    If you haven’t heard, I’m back for Season 3 of Atypical, which I’m thrilled report, was the #1 binge-watched show on Netflix last week.  (Our show beat “Friends,” which took 2nd place).

    This role (that started out as a few short scenes in Season 1), has now turned into a three season recurring role, with multiple episodes, fun story lines, and lots of matching sweater sets.  (Can you tell I love playing the uptight but well-intentioned, Kathy, always going head-to-head with Jennifer Jason Leigh?)

    I couldn’t be more grateful to be part of a show that promotes inclusion, spreads autism awareness, and is filled with laughs, love + compassion.

    It was a full circle moment, when (more…)

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    My Best Advice For Actors: Take The Trip. Face Your Fears. Live Your Life.

    I just got back from an amazing family vacation to Riviera Maya.

    I did all kinds of things on my bucket list, from swimming with dolphins, to zip lining into the Caribbean and snorkeling in Cozumel.

    I also faced some fears head on.

    It took me a few days to go down the steep blue water slide that was on the resort property where we were staying.

    I’m normally scared of heights, but as I was trying to encourage my oldest son to face his fears, I had to walk my own talk.

    Or in this case…go down the steep blue slide first.

    And what we both learned is that, well, most fears are all in our minds and if we just do the thing that scares us, we’ll find out we can do way more than we think.

    In fact, once we both took action and just went for it, we couldn’t stop, it was so much fun. (Same went for the zipline).

    Check it my latest pics + videos here on Instagram.

    In the midst of enjoying precious moments like this..

    Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 11.40.58 AM
    I heard my late father’s wise words: Take the trip. Do it now. Don’t wait.

    Or as Mark Twain wisely once said:

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

    I had a hard time going anywhere in my 20’s, (more…)

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    How To Give Yourself Permission To Pause

    With modern technology at your fingertips all day long + requests coming at you from all angles, giving yourself permission to pause, to take a break, as well as not check social media (or email) one more time can be challenging.

    Our brains inherently want to remain active, in charge, and not relinquish control.

    But when we choose to pause, we not only give our brains a rest, but we are also tuning into the higher mind.

    Pausing can feel like we’re not accomplishing anything,

    But actually, in our pause, our reset, we return to aligning with our highest self.

    It is there that we gain clarity + inspiration + end up taking much less action to accomplish our desired outcome.

    If you’re unsure about how to give yourself permission to pause, I’ve created an easy to remember acronym for the word P.A.U.S.E. to help you do just that.


    So the next time you find yourself comparing + despairing on social media or feeling overwhelmed by all you have to do, (more…)

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    Life, Love + The Diving Timing Of It All

    I’m on an out-of-town getaway with my husband for our 12 year anniversary.

    We were married on 07.14.07, and as I reflect on the amazing years of marriage we’ve enjoyed so far, I thought it would be fitting to share some of my favorite post about love, life, letting go + the divine timing of it all.

    I hope these articles help you to know that wherever you are in your life right now, you are exactly where you need to be and you can get to where you want to go (and beyond).

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