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From “Not Enough” To “Next Level Bookings”: Keara Graves #SuccessBreakthrough Story

If you’ve been feeling like 2020 has provided the “longest dry spell ever” in your acting career, and thoughts of “I’m not enough, I haven’t done enough + I’m not far enough along” have been haunting you lately as you go to self-tape (or even just get out of bed), today’s story will inspire you on a whole new level.

And as the New Year approaches, I know the idea of “goal-setting” can be daunting when you feel this way.  Well, you’re not alone.

Toronto actress, Keara Graves felt exactly the same way when we first met, telling me, “I had a really, really long dry spell and I was starting to think that I wasn’t good enough.”

And what happens when you set goals or do self-tapes with the debilitating “I’m not good enough” mindset?  Not a lot.  And then your thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy, where every action just proves to yourself that “Yes, I’m right, I’m not good enough.”  Ugh.

So how do you turn it all around? Right now?

Keara shares exactly what she did, and the major mindset shift that helped her surpass all her goals and create massive momentum in her career, including a breakout recurring role on Netflix’s Grand Army (a goal she specifically set, once she changed her inner game).  And that’s just the beginning…. 

Click below to watch: From “Not Enough” To “Next Level Bookings”: Keara Graves #SuccessBreakthrough Story

Want to know how you can crush your limiting beliefs + create next level bookings like Keara?  CLICK HERE

Enjoy the full #SuccessBreakthrough Story Interview here: (more…)

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From Self-Doubt To Series Regular: Teesha Renee’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

I’m excited to share a special story of transformation that I hope will help bust 3 common myths that many actors believe (and how it keeps them from achieving their dreams).

MYTH #1: I have to be in a big market to book big jobs.
MYTH #2: I have to have an agent to get an audition.
MYTH #3: I have to have huge credits to become a Series Regular.

Have you been believing that too lately?  Then you’ll love hearing from Teesha Renee today, because she went from self-doubt to Series Regular, and has now returned for her second season of Tyler Perry’s The Oval, (yes, in the middle of a global pandemic).

I’m so thankful I got to sit down with Teesha back in January to find out what limiting beliefs were holding her back + exactly what she did to breakthrough to the next level (and beyond) and book a Series Regular role (without any representation)…out of Atlanta (which she initially didn’t even think was possible).

Learn the 3 things Teesha did at her audition to book this career-changing role (and start applying them to all of your self-tapes + in person auditions).

Click below to watch Teesha Renee’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story.

Want to know how you can build this kind of confidence + create big breakthroughs like Teesha?  CLICK HERE

Enjoy the full #SuccessBreakthrough Story Interview here:


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My 2-Step Process For Post Self-Tape Frustration

Hope you had a fun + safe Halloween weekend. Personally, I’ve cried a few times this past week for all kinds of reasons.  You too?

As you may know, I got choked up while sharing my very vulnerable story about growing up with shame, anxiety + around mental illness (and how it has all shaped the work I do with actors). Click here to watch the video.

I cried again reading your beautiful responses and how sharing my story helped you to realize not only are you not alone, but that it’s okay to share your vulnerability and your pain as well.  In fact, your deepest pain can become your greatest gift, if you can face it, feel it and heal it.  I hope you now know, we are all in this together.

Then, over the Halloween weekend, as I was folding 3 piles of laundry on the bed with my ever-supportive husband, while my children were bouncing off the walls from a candy-induced sugar rush, I broke down again.  

Can I just say…tears are a breakthrough. So please, by all means, go ahead and cry your eyes out (especially if you’ve been holding it all in lately for whatever reason).

Ok, so in addition to feeling emotional about politics + pandemics, heck, I’ve had some great self-tapes lately, and I haven’t heard anything yet, and it all just got to me.

I know as actors, we each put our whole heart into what we do, and sometimes it’s hard to let it all go and be present in the moment. (Yes, I struggle with this too).

So I made this quick video to walk you through exactly what I do when I’m deeply frustrated (and how to release it in seconds).  And whether you use my method this week to deal with politics, pandemics or post self-tape, I truly hope this helps you.  (And you enjoy my Halloween makeup).

Click the video below to learn my 2 step process for post-selftape meltdown frustration.
(I think you’ll love it!)

I hope this helps you to know that every actor goes through these kinds of moments.  

I don’t care how many credits you have, (more…)

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I Grew Up Deeply Ashamed (And Other Reasons Why I Do This)

Whether you’ve been part of this amazing  community for years, or are just joining me, I wanted to share a deeply personal story with you today.

Everything we go through in our childhood affects who we become, and as I was thinking about “why I do this,” why do I help to uplift + empower actors to create major breakthroughs in their careers and their personal lives, well, it all begins with my story of how I grew up…

When I was growing up, I was deeply ashamed of my childhood home.

My mother, though she was amazing in so many ways + supportive of my creative endeavors, was also a compulsive hoarder.

Click the video below, as I reveal what I learned from growing up with shame, anxiety + around mental illness.

And if you prefer to read the story as I tell it, here is the rest of the transcript that begins above… (more…)

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Waking Up Late + Cranky? (How To Reclaim Your Day)

So what do you do when you wake up late + cranky?  How do you not let it ruin your whole day?

I’ll admit, that was me last week, even after sharing my “3 tips to boost your mood + feel better daily.”  (We teach what we most need to learn, right?)

I’m glad to hear that my R.E.V. acronym helped so many of you recommit to your morning routine.  In case you missed it, I suggested you….

  1. Rise early
  2. Exercise
  3. Visualize

But what happens if you don’t rise early?  What happens if you sleep in, press snooze and wake up much later, feeling unmotivated?  (Hello, 2020?!)

I get it.  In fact, this past week, my sweet son interrupted my sleep multiple times because he had some spooky dreams, and it definitely made “rising early” a big challenge for me.

So, this week, I wanted to share how I had to modify the “Rise early” part of my morning routine, and still not let it throw me off my game +  tank my entire day. 

Watch the video below + find out what you can do when you wake up late + cranky (and how it will help you reclaim your power).

Yes, replace the R in “Rise early” for “Reset.”

Don’t let yourself go down a dark rabbit hole of despair just because you woke up later than you planned, or are feeling frustrated with yourself. 

Give yourself a break.  So, you didn’t wake up at 6am to do power yoga Zoom class.  It’s ok.

Forgive yourself + reset. (more…)

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Ways To Boost Your Mood + Feel Better Daily

This past Saturday was #WorldMentalHealthDay. Honestly, I think mental health should be celebrated every day and not something we shine a spotlight on just once a year.  

In fact, everything I write + create for actors is always done with the intention of helping you achieve greater mental health, inner peace + ultimate fulfillment on the way to achieving all of your dreams.

Ok, so I know this year has been a roller-coaster ride for all of us in different ways. 

Maybe you’ve felt great one day, and been in a funk the next?

Perhaps you’ve gone from feeling productive to procrastinating…in a matter of minutes?

I get it and I’ve been there.  I’ve definitely had up and down moments, days + weeks this year.  Throw in political debates, social injustices + 8 months of a global pandemic, and well, it makes sense that our mental health has been challenged + tested.

But here’s what I’ve noticed, especially with all of the turmoil + uncertainty going on in the world…

If you are waiting for the outer conditions to change to determine how you’re going to feel on a daily basis, you will always feel powerless, because there is always going to be a condition that doesn’t please you.

When you begin the day reacting and responding to the news or social media, it’s easy to then turn against yourself (or even those around you) and focus on how you’re somehow failing or worry about what you haven’t accomplished yet.

So how do you take your own personal power back? 

How do you boost your mood + create a compelling future?

Remind yourself that no matter what happened yesterday, last week or last month….

What we do today is what matters most.” – Buddha

So, this is your chance to begin again, and use this week to reset, recharge + renew your own commitment to your own mental health.

What has been working for me this past week is by beginning the day (more…)

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One Really Important Question To Ask Yourself Right Now

With all that’s gone on this year (and all that hasn’t), there’s one thing that might feel like it’s missing from your life lately.  (Yes, I’ve felt this too).

I just don’t want you to wait too long to get it back.

So today, I want you to ask yourself ONE really important question.

In fact, the answer is vital to your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Watch the video below + tell me what your answer is in the comments.


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15 Lessons I’ve Learned On My Journey Juggling Career + Family

I know we’re all trying to find some balance these days, whether you’re juggling parenting, homeschooling your kids, self-taping, your acting career, your day job, finding a new day job or just finding your sanity lately.

I was recently asked to be a guest speaker in Women In Film’s upcoming Speaker Series on Family Ties: Finding Your Balance While Juggling Kids + A Career In The Entertainment Industry.  I’ll be joining show-runners, directors, producer, writers and actors for an empowering conversation about balancing it all, and as I was thinking about it, today’s post flowed out of me.  

I wanted to share it with you, so you can apply these lessons to your own life. 

(And if you’re not a parent, you can swap “my kids” and add in “myself,” and anytime I reference “they” just replace it with “I,” so essentially you’re parenting yourself).

It’s definitely been a rollercoaster ride, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Along the way, I’ve learned to celebrate progress over perfection as well as these insights.  Enjoy!

15 Lessons I’ve Learned On My Journey Juggling Career + Family

1.     When I show my kids what it looks like to dream big,
they learn that anything is possible.

2.    When I show my kids what it looks like to fail + get back up again, 
they learn to not be afraid to try new things.

3.     When I show my kids what it looks like to be sad or disappointed, 
they learn that it’s okay to express themselves.

4.     When I show my kids what it looks like to cry, 
they learn that all emotions are energy in motion + meant to be felt.

5.     When I show my kids what it looks like to be a mother, an actress, a
wife, an entrepreneur,  they learn that they, too, don’t only have to be
just one thing.

6.     When I show my kids what it looks like to do your best + still not get the
job, they learn what resilience looks like.

7.     When I show my kids what it looks like to want something + have it not
work out immediately the way you want it, they learn what patience +
perseverance looks like.

8.     When I show my kids what it looks like to take care of myself, 
they learn to value their own well-being.

9.     When I show my kids what it looks like to pursue excellence, 
they learn to raise the bar for themselves.

10.  When I show my kids what it looks like to put the phone down, be
present, spend time, to truly listen to what they have to say, they learn
that they are valuable.

11.  When I show my kids what it looks like to be scared, uncertain or
fearful, but to take risks anyway, they learn to embrace the adventure
of life.

12.  When I show my kids what it looks like to find joy in helping others, 
they learn compassion.

13.  When I show my kids what it looks like to find the beauty in nature, 
they learn that abundance abounds.

14.  When I show my kids what it looks like to find the good in the toughest
of situations, they learn the power of a positive mindset.

15.  When I show my kids what it looks like to be kind to those who are
different than you, they learn empathy.

We all want the best for our kids, but it’s in showing them that it’s okay to fail, to be disappointed, to risk, to get hurt, to get rejected, to fall down, but to also always get up every single time, that we ultimately teach them to rise.

It’s funny, as I put this list together, I also realize that my kids have really been my best teachers.

I hope this helps you find some balance today with all you’re doing, embrace the rollercoaster ride, and also know that you can absolutely juggle both career and family.

Come join us for more on this conversation about being a working parent in the industry. RSVP HERE for the Women In Film Speaker Series: Family Ties: Finding Your Balance While Juggling Kids + A Career In The Entertainment Industry. It’s free and virtual.

Let me know in the comments below, which lesson spoke to you most today.

Here’s to a week of finding balance through it all.


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Post-Emmy Funk? 11 Mindset Mantras To Improve Your Mood

Did you watch the “virtual” Emmy’s last night?  Some amazing wins and awesome moments, but I think Ramy Youssef’s sense of humor through it all should have won an award.

So apparently, trophy presenters had to drive to the houses of nominees….and wait outside, donning hazmat suits.

When Ramy Youssef didn’t win, he took a video of the of the presenter outside his window, who basically waved goodbye to him + walked away…Emmy in hand.

Honestly, he should get an award for “Best Sense Of Humor,” after he posted the video + captioned the moment with “when you lose the emmy.” Click here to check it out on twitter.

Can you imagine that moment?  Can you imagine handling it with that kind of humor and grace?

If you watched the Emmys, and it left you feeling inspired + hopeful for the possibilities ahead for you, that’s awesome.

But if you turned off the TV and went to bed wondering…

  • Will it ever happen for me?
  • What do I do to get to where I want to go?
  • How will I ever achieve my biggest acting dreams?

Here’s what you need to know today:


The only way to get to where you want to go, is to first make peace with where you are. 

So, if you woke up today feeling blue about your career, guess what? You simply added meaning to an event.

You watched an awards show (an event) and made the fact that you aren’t there indicate that you have somehow failed as an actor (meaning you added).  And now you feel horrible.  (current outcome)

Here’s what that math would look like on a chalk board: (more…)

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The Mental Game Shift That Can Change Everything

Today’s message is short, but powerful, and one that I hope will impact you in the coming weeks, months + even years to come. 

I love studying the inner shifts of successful people, because I know that every outer success I see, always began on the inside.

I also love that Bryan Cranston shares, so truthfully, what really shifted within him to become the massively successful actor he is today.

Check out this quick video + hear exactly what mental game shift he made, and how you, too, can adopt this new mindset in every audition or self-tape moving forward.


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