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The #1 Question Every Actor Should Ask In December

As the year comes to a close, I love taking the time to “take inventory” on the past 12 months.

The challenge can be to do this from a soul-connected place of love vs. an ego-connected place of fear + judgment.

Your ego wants to know the answer to these two questions:
How many jobs have you booked and how much money have you made?

Your soul wants to know the answer to these two questions:
How have you loved and who you have effected?


Jim Carrey went on to say in an inspiring commencement speech, (more…)

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3 Steps To Honoring Your Emotions During The Holidays

The holiday season can bring up a lot of emotions.

So often, we get preoccupied with our long to-do lists + family obligations, that before we know it, we feel overwhelmed, run-down or even get sick.

The radio may tell us “it’s the most wonderful time of the year,” but when we have sadness, anger, frustration or other emotions that we don’t take the time to express, experience and move through to completion, they tend to get stuck in the body.

Years ago, I faced debilitating back pain after a snowboarding incident.  When the pain kept recurring, a friend gave me a book that changed my life.

In his fascinating book, Healing Back Pain, Dr. Sarno talks about the mind’s effort to repress emotions. According to Dr. Sarno, the mind tricks you into not facing repressed emotions by making you focus on pain in the body.

In other words, most humans would rather tend to their physical pain than deal with their emotional pain. That made sense to me, as I was spending most of my time + energy tending to my physical condition.

Once I allowed myself to release the emotional pain that I had been suppressing at that time, there was no need for the physical pain, and it literally disappeared overnight.  I was amazed.

Now, whenever I begin to feel sick or feel stress mounting in my body, I always try to do some emotional release work.  (This doesn’t discount seeing a doctor when you have acute or chronic pain)


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Celebrating Gratitude + Synchronicity

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The Prizes:


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The #1 Cause Of Suffering For Actors + How To Remedy It

The number #1 cause of suffering for actors?  Attachment…wanting the role, the money, the job, the callback, the agent etc.

Any time you are truly detached from needing something to happen, you are actually allowing it to materialize much faster + easier.

Or as Deepak Chopra wisely explains….


As the year begins to wind down, it’s easy to feel like you “need” certain things to happen to feel good about yourself, to feel good about 2014, how you look to others, your worthiness + value. The great news is that (more…)

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Hate Auditioning? Hate Running All Over Town? 3 Ways To Transform Your Mood + Acting Career

My kindergartener continues to be a huge source of my inspiration, and frankly, one of my best teachers (in acting + in life).   He lives every moment in the present moment + always authentically expresses how he feels.

Last night, he didn’t want to do his homework.  He had to write multiple lines of upper + lowercase “S.” He declared loudly ,”I hate doing this,” and scribbled S’s on a page.

I get it.  There are some things I ‘hate” doing too, yet it seems the more I choose that perspective, the longer the task seems to take and the result is rarely one I love.

The same was true for my son, even at 5 years old.

I gently responded with…”I see that you’re frustrated, but what if you think about your friend Sophia while you’re printing your “S’s.  You could even tell her you’ve been working on the “S” in her name.”  He smiled.  He loved Sophia, he thought about her for a moment and began to draw a nearly perfect S.  I was in shock + replied, “Wow, that was amazing.”

Then I asked him, “Who is in charge of your mood while you are doing homework?”

He smiled + said, “I am.”  And he just got it.

I didn’t know if my suggestion would work, that part was up to him.  But watching a 5 year old go from hate to love in mere seconds and seeing his handwriting change accordingly confirmed what I know to be true…


I’ve run into many actors over the years who have said things like “I hate auditioning, I hate going to callbacks, I hate driving all over town, I hate this business.”

I’m not sure if any of them were consciously aware that bringing all this “hate” energy into their work, was not helping them get results they loved.  They usually used their lackluster outcome to fuel their mood, instead of knowing it actually works the other way around.   It’s so easy to blame auditions, traffic or a seemingly rude casting director when you don’t book the job, but the reality is you have the ability to transform it all.  Once you see that you can choose a new perspective, you regain your power. (more…)

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4 Questions To Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone (Where Everything You Want Is)

I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone a lot lately, and it has been nothing short of scary and exciting all at the same time,

I’m in the midst of working on a new project that involves revisiting writing I’ve done for the last 10 years and mining out the gold, pain, heart + soul of my life.  It’s brought up a lot of emotions for me and would be so easy to tell myself all of the reasons I shouldn’t keep going.

But when you know you are on a path of growth + expansion as an artist, stepping out of your comfort zone is really where the good stuff is revealed.

In fact…


It’s funny how sometimes, the exact growth you are seeking can show up first as fear and easily convince you to stop you from moving forward.  Our job as artists, is really, to (more…)

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Shooting ABC’s “Castle” + The Top 10 Things To Always Bring To The Set

While working on Castle last week, I started making a list of all the things I love to bring to the set, in hopes it might help you to make your own list (or copy mine!) so you are prepared physically, mentally + emotionally to do your best work.

I had such a wonderful time working on this show with the actors, the director and the crew.  So many gracious people doing what they love + warmly welcoming me to their community.  I also realize (in life or on a TV show) you get what you give.  When you bring a feeling of joy + gratitude to each person with whom you interact, it is often reciprocated.

And even though, this is #10 on my list, I thought it should be the highlight of this post, as this feeling affects everything you do…


Here are my Top 10 Things To Always Bring To The Set: (more…)

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5 Steps To Creating Balance + Joy.

I had the most perfect day last Friday. 

I walked my kindergartener to school. 
Took my 3 year-old to my awesome workout: The Dailey Method. 
Showered + blew my hair dry (a rarity)
Played with my 3 year-old in our backyard + ate hunch together.
Took him to his little gym class where I now have to stay “outside the glass” to watch him.  (We used to do mommy + me, but those days pass fast!). 
Had the baby-sitter come (who would be picking up my kindergartner since my husband was on an overnight surf trip.)
Did a quick VO job from my home studio.
Drove to Raliegh Studios for a fitting for a great role I booked on Castle.
Had time to write in my trailer while waiting for a photoshoot for this character.
Got home by 9 p.m. to a quiet house, where my kids were happily sound asleep.

Although I usually love putting them to bed, since I had spent quality time this morning with them, I didn’t feel an ounce of mom guilt.

I’ve learned that I can have it all, but I just can’t do it all.  I have to allow + ask for help.

I also realized, that this was such a perfect day because:

Balance +Joy


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10 Famous Actors Who Didn’t Get The Part + The Actor’s Mantra For Success

Your world is a mirror reflecting back to you your own inner state.  When you are in a state of turmoil + struggle, then you will see a tumultuous world full of struggle.  When you are in a state of inner joy, you will experience a seemingly joyful world full of possibility.

The tone of your experience is always preset by you, since what you see on the outside, is simply a reflection of your inner state of consciousness.

How does this affect your acting career?

You will spend most of your life as an actor, not getting the role.  It is how you handle + internalize NOT getting the part that will determine your success.  How will you let rejection affect your state of mind?

You can either use each audition as a chance to create a compelling character, play in the room, leave + let it go.  Or you can use each audition as a chance to beat yourself up for not being good enough, when you don’t get the part.

When you don’t book the job, it’s easy to go back + replay your audition in your mind, telling yourself…

“I should have said this line differently.  I should have worn blue.   I should have taken more time with it.  I shouldn’t have taken so much time with it.  I should have stood for that scene.  I should have sat for that scene.  I should have been different, better, prettier, younger, older, wiser, and on and on and on….”

When you play the game of “If I only did this audition in a different way than how I chose to do it”, you are telling yourself + the Universe…”I am the problem.  I need to fix something.  I am not enough.”

It’s one thing to learn from an audition experience + walk away realizing, “I could have listened more, been more present or have connected more,” but if you did your work + just didn’t get the job, instead of beating yourself up,  making it all about you + what you didn’t do or say or be…

Try this mantra….


Since our lives become a mirror of our inner state of being, I have a feeling this mantra must have been very present in the internal mindset of the following actors who didn’t get the part, but didn’t let it ruin them.  They all went on to have huge careers.

Here are 10 successful actors who did not get the role, but also, didn’t dwell on it. (more…)

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